Tue, 28 May 2024 Feature Article

Ohaji-Egbema/Oguta/Our West, Eugene Dibiagwu And Poor Representation

Eugene DibiagwuEugene Dibiagwu

As an indigene of Egbema in Ohaji/Egbema LGA of Imo State, I feel pained by the sorry state of the roads to Egbema communities. In fact, I once wrote an article " Egbema: Story of decay despite Uzodinma’s promises ". It was really a clear-headed audit.

One had thought that Governor Uzodinma had plans to change Imo state for the better. It really takes commitment and courage to effect change and Uzodinma came in with a lot of talk, promising to make Imo a haven of economic activities. Why the volte-face?

There are no roads to access Egbema communities currently. The road leading to Egbema from Avu-Obosima is in bad shape. The road leading to Egbema from Adapalm- Etekwuru is also bad with patch-patch here and there while the one leading to Egbema from Ejemekwuru-Agwa is a no go area. Who did we offend in this state?

When I remember the roads leading to Egbema I wonder within myself whether we are really part of Imo State. I ask myself whether we have representatives at the National Assembly in Abuja and in the State House of Assembly. Then I still ask myself whether they drive on the same roads when they come for functions in the area or do they come by Helicopter?

For me, Ohaj-Egbema/Oguta/Oru West Federal Constituency currently has no one at the National Assembly. Hon Eugene Dibiagwu the current Reps member has been of no use in Abuja. His representation for one year has been very poor. He has shown great failure in his one year in office.

A man’s word should be his bond. More so, when the man is an elected public office holder. It is bad for a man to be making promises he never adheres to. It is bad when a man is not a man of his words. One thing I have noticed from Hon Eugene Dibiagwu, is that his word is not his bond. Infact, talk is cheap, talk is yarn, and talk is mere grandstanding. He talks for talk’s sake. He talks for the sake of talking. He talks because he loves the sound of his testosterone depleted voice. He just talks and within a minute has forgotten what he has said. Other than that, he is just plain economical with the truth just as he has been found wanting in his legislative duties.

Although many say Dibiagwu is just putting in one year in office , observers including his constituents are wondering what he has actually been doing at the National Assembly for one year especially considering his poor quality debate ability, his total ignorance of legislative duties including committee work which he has not given a good shot. Add this to his neglect of his constituency, ineffective consultation with leaders, and undue arrogance which he is now exhibiting to the very people that ran the risk of their lives to ensure that the courts did not throw away his puerile legal papers. infact it has gotten to the stage in the House that the leaders now make fun of his English, his poor grasp of legislative functions as well as his poor carriage in which in no small way is affecting the self esteem of his constituents. But ironically rather than address these anomalies, the legislator is carrying on as if he dropped from the moon, and so everybody must crawl before him.

As I write, he has yet to call one single meeting of political leaders in the constituency, yet to move one single motion at the national Assembly and yet to be listed among legislators that are helping the cause of legislation via bills. This is a man with no ambition, with no target and one who is desirous to be recognized as Governor Hope Uzodinma’s good boy by all means. He has made representation of Ohaji-Egbema/Oguta/Oru west a huge caricature and a laughing stock. He even go about arresting those who criticized him. For me, a recall process should be drawn for this man pushed on us by some selfish elite who are today disappointed by his legislative outing, his arrogance and lack of gratitude. In just one year in office the people feel utterly disappointed at the man Dibiagwu and his representation.

The Imo State government has the resources to address the problem of road infrastructure in Egbema but for capitalist greed. For instance, on the basis of the fraudulent contract system, enormous resources have been wasted on the bad road and with very little to show for it. What took place were actually drain pipes to funnel public funds into private pockets. The solution to the crisis of good roads in the rural areas of Imo State is political. The problem is not lack of resources, but the fact that road constructions are used as a means of gratifying the greed and self-serving interests of elements in political offices and their business and political associates.

Without an elected council government , the rural areas will always be in comatose. Hope Uzodinma refused to conduct council elections for 5 years. Isopadec that should be of help to the oil areas is now a dead agency. Indeed, the trend which is going on in Imo state is to steal LGA funds, cripple the rural people, hand over road contracts to private vampires who will abandon the contracts at the expense of the working people and the poor. This is in line with the anti-poor neo-liberal policies of the Uzodinma’s government in Imo which makes available public funds for private profit. Save us Oh God.

-Kenneth Uwadi lives in Mmahu-Egbema, Imo State and can be reached via 08037982714