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Akufo-Addo appoints Kwasi Agyei as new Controller and Accountant-General

  Wed, 17 Apr 2024
Akufo-Addo appoints Kwasi Agyei as new Controller and Accountant-General

President Nana Akufo-Addo has announced the appointment of Kwasi Agyei as the new Acting Controller and Accountant-General, replacing Kwasi Kwaning-Bosompem, who served in the role for nearly five years.

Agyei, a Chartered Accountant and member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Ghana, officially assumed his position on Monday, April 15, 2024.

The handover ceremony took place at the Treasury head office in Accra, where Agyei expressed his gratitude to his predecessor for his exceptional leadership, acknowledging the valuable lessons he has learned.

A statement issued by the Controller and Accountant-General highlighted the succession and change in leadership.

Speaking about his new role, Agyei acknowledged the responsibilities and challenges ahead and emphasized the importance of support and dedication from all department staff. Recognizing that the success of any organization depends on the happiness and well-being of its employees, Agyei pledged to create a work environment that nurtured growth, recognized achievements, and prioritized staff welfare to ensure high productivity and the achievement of organizational goals.

With over 20 years of experience in the public sector, Agyei brings a wealth of expertise to his new position. Prior to his appointment, he served as the Deputy Controller and Accountant-General in charge of Treasury. Agyei holds a Master of Science (MSc) degree in Accounting and Finance, an International Master of Business Administration (MBA), and a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree in Accounting and Economics.

Throughout his career, Agyei has served on various boards, including the Ministerial Advisory Board of the Ministry of Finance, the Ghana Road Fund Management Board, and the Railway Development Fund Committee. He has held prominent positions in different organizations, such as Director of Finance at the Ministry of Energy, Director of Accounts at the Ministry of Petroleum, Head of Finance at the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), and Chief Treasury Officer at the Ministry of Finance.

Agyei’s appointment as the Acting Controller and Accountant-General signifies a new chapter in Ghana’s financial sector. With his extensive background, Agyei is expected to bring forth fresh perspectives and strategies to effectively manage finances and promote transparency in the government’s financial operations.

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