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Professor Victor Wutor urges massive support for Mahama-Opoku-Agyemang Ticket

Professor Victor Wutor urges massive support for Mahama-Opoku-Agyemang Ticket
17 APR 2024 LISTEN

President of PROFORUM Canada, Professor Victor Wutor, delivered a compelling call to action, urging Ghanaians to throw their support behind former President John Dramani Mahama, his running mate Professor Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang, and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the upcoming general elections.

Speaking at the Diaspora Townhall Forum and 2M2 Fundraising Launch on April 15, 2024, Professor Wutor stressed the pivotal importance of the impending elections. He implored citizens to actively engage in shaping the nation's leadership, emphasizing the transformative power of unity. Regardless of political affiliations, Professor Wutor urged Ghanaians to rally behind the NDC's vision for a brighter future.

Highlighting the NDC's steadfast commitment to addressing the needs of the youth, Professor Wutor underscored the significance of providing hope, employment opportunities, and a secure environment for all citizens. By prioritizing youth empowerment, the NDC aims to foster a more prosperous and inclusive society.

While expressing optimism about the NDC's prospects, Professor Wutor cautioned against complacency. He reminded supporters of the importance of dedication and vigilance in safeguarding every vote cast for the NDC, emphasizing the need for a fair and transparent electoral process.

Emphasizing the theme of collective action, Professor Wutor called upon Ghanaians to recognize their role as agents of change. He urged citizens to unite in pursuit of a common goal: building a better future for all. By harnessing the collective strength of the people, Ghana can overcome challenges and achieve sustainable development.

In conclusion, Professor Wutor reiterated the vital role of citizen participation in the democratic process. He urged all Ghanaians to join hands in steering the country towards prosperity under the leadership of John Mahama and Naana Opoku-Agyemang. By actively engaging in the electoral process, citizens can shape Ghana's future and contribute to the nation's progress.

Professor Victor Wutor's impassioned plea for widespread support for the NDC's Mahama-Opoku-Agyemang ticket resonates with the aspirations of many Ghanaians. His call for unity, youth empowerment, vigilance, collective action, and citizen participation encapsulates the essence of democracy, underscoring the importance of active engagement in shaping the nation's destiny. As Ghana prepares for the upcoming elections, President Wutor's message serves as a rallying cry for all citizens to come together and work towards a brighter and more prosperous future.

Dickson Boadi
Dickson Boadi

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