KIC Agritech Challenge winner encourages fellow young women into agriculture

By Aminu Ibrahim II Contributor
Social News KIC Agritech Challenge winner encourages fellow young women into agriculture

Tracy Rashida Alhassan Bawa, a recipient of the 2021 Kosmos Innovation Center (KIC) Agritech Challenge, is advocating for more young women to engage in agriculture and utilize KIC programs to establish ventures in the agricultural sector.

Addressing participants at the KIC Women's Bootcamp held at the SDD University of Business and Integrated Development Studies (UBIDS) over the weekend, Ms. Alhassan emphasized the significance of the Agritech Challenge as a unique opportunity for young women to nurture entrepreneurial ventures in agriculture.

Encouraging aspiring participants, she urged them to view the program not merely as a source of funding but as a platform for personal growth and development. She stressed the importance of pursuing knowledge and wisdom, emphasizing that passion, resilience, and wisdom are essential for overcoming challenges in entrepreneurship.

Ms. Alhassan shared her journey with the BOOD Company Limited, which she co-founded and where she currently serves as CEO. The company, originally focused on cashew plantation in the Upper West Region, expanded its operations following participation in the KIC Agritech Challenge. Through mentorship and training, BOOD diversified its services to include ingrower and outgrower farm models, biochar production, and more.

Highlighting the company's goal of building a robust supply chain to enhance food security, nutrition, and climate resilience, Ms. Alhassan underscored the transformative impact of the Agritech Challenge on their business.

Prof. Stanley Dary, the Faculty Advisor of the KIC Agritech Challenge at SDD UBIDS, emphasized the importance of increasing female participation in the 2024 Agritech Challenge. He noted the initiative's focus on gender inclusivity, aiming for equal representation of women and men. Prof. Dary urged young women to challenge stereotypes and pursue agricultural ventures, assuring them of the support and resources available through the KIC program.

In conclusion, Ms. Alhassan and Prof. Dary encouraged young women to seize the opportunity presented by the KIC Agritech Challenge, emphasizing its potential to empower and enable them to establish successful agricultural businesses.