Adenta Imam meet stakeholders to foster development and welfare of Imams

By Muhammed Faisel Mustapha
Social News Adenta Imam meet stakeholders to foster development and welfare of Imams

The newly appointed Chief Imam of Adenta Municipal, Sheikh Mohammed Mutawakil Abubakari, has engaged Imams from the various communities within the Adenta Municipality of the Greater Accra Region in a meeting to discuss matters of development in the municipality.

The engagement with the imams, and political party representatives was also aimed at fostering strong ties between religious leaders and governmental representatives which is crucial for the well-being and prosperity of the community.

The meeting also sought to provide an opportunity for the Imams to engage in constructive dialogue, share perspectives, and explore collaborative efforts to address the needs of their community.

In promoting education and knowledge, Sheikh Mutawakil called on fellow Imams to emphasise the importance of education and knowledge attainment as pathways to personal and community development and urged them to support initiatives that promote literacy, skills development, and lifelong learning among community members.

This according to him, forms part of his vision for Imams to develop the capacity of Mallams (Men and Women), Manhaj (Syllabus for Madrasas), and conduct Musabaka/Quran Recitation for learners.

Sheikh Mutawakil further called on fellow Imams to act as bridge builders within their communities, foster unity and solidarity among diverse groups adding that it is his desire as the Adenta Chief Imam for all Imams to encourage inclusivity, respect, and understanding, thereby promoting social cohesion and harmony.

He revealed that plans are underway to organize social events for Imams and mallams, including interfaith football peace matches for the youth and clean-up campaigns.

He stated that Imams play a crucial role in providing spiritual guidance and moral education to the community.

He said coordinated sermons, teachings, and counseling will instil values such as compassion, integrity, and justice, which are essential for community development. This he said will help the Imams work and include issues affecting the community in their various sermons.

He advised fellow Imams to mediate conflicts and disputes within the community and employ Islamic principles of justice, forgiveness, and reconciliation adding that by resolving conflicts peacefully, they contribute to maintaining stability and fostering positive relationships among community members.

Encouraging Civic Engagement: "As Imams, I feel it is critical to encourage community members to actively participate in civic life, including volunteering, and engaging in community development projects" he noted.

He emphasized the importance of taking responsibility for the well-being of the community and contributing to its progress.

According to him Imams offer spiritual counseling and support to individuals facing challenges such as grief, illness, or personal struggles as well as provide comfort, guidance, and encouragement, helping community members navigate difficult times and find strength in their faith.

He said the roles of the Imam in community development are multifaceted, encompassing spiritual, social, and practical dimensions through its leadership, guidance, and service which seeks to contribute significantly to the well-being and progress of the Adenta communities.