30.03.2024 Feature Article

Ridiculous Bawumia at it again

Ridiculous Bawumia at it again
30.03.2024 LISTEN

It's common for politicians to make all manner of promises on political platforms during electioneering. Such utterances by politicians make the electorate think that the politician is capable of doing almost everything.

Many years ago, one of Ghana's past Heads of State was on a working tour to Kuntunase, a town which is more than 100 kilometres from the coast. There was a durbar of chiefs in honour of the Head of State. At a point, the leader of the nation asked the paramount chief of the area to name one very important need of his people. The paramount chief hesitated for a while, then one of his sub-chiefs whispered into his ears, "Nana, tell him we need a habour!" So, the paramount chief requested for a habour in an inland region!

The sub-chief who made the suggestion had visited his son in Tema, and had gotten excited about the beauty of the harbour, and thought it wouldn't be bad if they got one at their village.

Even though Dr. Bawumia has made notoriously preposterous promises in the past, things are no longer getting funny. He is now crossing the line of absurdity into that of deliration. Ghanaians have tolerated his bank account for every Ghanaian promise; and endured his using Ghana Card as an international passport assurance; but wala hi, I can't stomach his idea of businesses and individuals having a clean tax slate if voted for in 2024, especially at a time when the economy of the nation is in desperate straits; beside the fact that he is the leader of the nation's Economic Management Team. I think he is now insulting the intelligence of the people of Ghana.

Honestly speaking as soon as I heard about that promise, I remembered the ridiculous Kuntunase chief; and I said to myself, kai, matter come! When it is coming, it is doing. Bawu will soon promise one village one harbour.

Anthony Obeng Afrane