NDC's claims and counterclaims on digital projects initiated by Bawumia highly baseless

Feature Article NDC's claims and counterclaims on digital projects initiated by Bawumia highly baseless
FEB 21, 2024 LISTEN

The ongoing claims by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is taking credit for projects initiated by them are counterproductive and detrimental to the democratic discourse in Ghana. With elections on the horizon, the focus must shift towards presenting clear and tangible visions, strategies, and policies that have the potential to improve the lives of Ghanaians and spur economic growth.

The NDC's communication strategy, which consistently seeks to undermine the achievements attributed to or initiated by Vice-President Dr Bawumia, is increasingly becoming baseless. The recent controversy surrounding the launch of the tap-to-go service for transport services by the Vice-President, which the NDC claims was initiated during Mahama's tenure, is a case in point. This claim is both puzzling and unprecedented, considering the NDC has been out of power for nearly eight years.

It is essential to question the inconsistency in former President Mahama's stance on project continuity. If he has been an advocate for continuity, why is there a reluctance to acknowledge the current government's efforts to complete or enhance projects initiated by the previous administration? The notion that a government's continuation or completion of projects does not deserve recognition is flawed and a palpable fallacy. It is not unusual for successive governments to build upon the foundations laid by their predecessors to ensure the progress and development of the nation.

The attitude displayed by the NDC is a disservice to the electorate and does not provide a viable solution for Ghana's future. The perpetuation of personal attacks, unfounded allegations, and misinformation to discredit the incumbent government is a tactic that the Ghanaian electorate should be wary of. Instead, the NDC should articulate their plans and policies for revitalizing the economy they claim is in disarray.

In conclusion, the Ghanaian populace must rise above partisan politics and demand substantive proposals from all political parties. The focus should be on policies that address the pressing needs of the nation, rather than engaging in a blame game and claims and counterclaims of projects that do little to advance the country's development.

Isaac Ofori
Human Rights Advocate
BA, MA, MPhil, PhD Student (UEW, SCMS)