NDC's Embrace of Personality Politics: A Diversion from Policy-Driven Future

Feature Article NDC's Embrace of Personality Politics: A Diversion from Policy-Driven Future
FEB 14, 2024 LISTEN

As Ghana prepares for the upcoming 2024 elections, it is crucial to shift from trivial and unproductive politics to a more policy-driven political environment. The time for empty promises and speeches that do not translate into results must come to an end. For more than a decade, our democratic values have been undermined by the politics of vilification, personal attacks, and name-calling. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on accountability and emphasize campaign messages that centre on policies and their implementation.

In today's digital age, where social media platforms dominate communication, it is disappointing to see that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is still relying on outdated tactics that do not contribute to the advancement of our democracy. Instead of presenting concrete policies and solutions to address Ghana's urgent issues, the NDC seems to be more focused on building a personality cult around its flagbearer. This approach is misguided and gives the false impression that Mahama’s election alone will magically solve all of Ghana's problems.

The NDC's response to Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia's vision for Ghana has been disappointing. Rather than presenting solid policy proposals, they have chosen to indulge in personal attacks, attempting to damage Bawumia's reputation without offering any significant alternatives. This approach is particularly evident and concerning.

The message to the people of Ghana is straightforward: refuse to accept politics based on personality and insist on practical solutions to the country's issues. If the NDC claims that the NPP has failed and caused a crisis in the nation, they must explain how they plan to initiate transformation and restore the hope that they say has vanished under the present government.

The portrayal of John Mahama as a trustworthy and reliable candidate does not, in itself, address the myriad challenges facing Ghanaians. A campaign focused on lofty goals without outlining viable strategies for achieving them renders the NDC unfit to serve as a credible alternative to the NPP. Ghanaians would be better served by holding the current administration accountable for its promises, rather than settling for an opposition that has yet to demonstrate a clear and actionable vision for the country's future.

Isaac Ofori
Human Rights Advocate
BA, MA, MPhil, PhD Student (UEW, SCMS)