Newly inaugurated Keta Assembly fails to elect Presiding Member

Social News Newly inaugurated Keta Assembly fails to elect Presiding Member
FEB 13, 2024 LISTEN

The newly inaugurated Keta Municipal Assembly in the Volta Region has failed to elect a Presiding Member for the assembly.

The Presiding Member (PM), when elected, would superintendent over the proceedings and discussions of the house on the progress, and developmental issues of the assembly.

Mr Rojah Avorgbedor, an Electoral Commission Officer at Keta, during the inaugural ceremony held at the Keta Municipal assembly hall, stated that the assembly would hold another election within ten days.

“None of the two candidates who contested were able to accumulate the required two-thirds of the votes of the house, as stated by Section 17 of Local the Governance ACT 2016 (ACT 936).

He said the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) and the Member of Parliament (MP) were considered members of the assembly but only the MCE has voting rights according to the Local Governance law.

The candidates, Mr Wisdom Seadey, a businessman, who is also the NDC Chairman of Keta, and Mr Promise Kofi Baccah, a teacher by profession, gathered 20 and 13 votes, respectively.

Mr Rojah stated that the ACT further explained that where neither of the two candidates obtained the votes of two-thirds of all assembly members on two consecutive run-offs held within ten days after the first run-off, the two candidates shall be put aside for a fresh nomination.

“Where fresh nomination is to be held, all the persons who presented themselves for the election as Presiding Members are not eligible to present themselves for fresh nominations.”

They also expressed optimism that the assembly members would give them the nod in the next election for the Presiding Member position.

Meanwhile, some assembly members, the Ghana News Agency engaged, believed one of the candidates would win in the next encounter for the house to begin seating for developmental works.

However, 32 Assembly members, which included 22 elected and 10 government appointees, were also sworn into office after they were made to swear various oaths.