Sabbath day voting: If you respect God’s rules you'll respect the laws of the land – Kumchacha to SDA members

  Thu, 18 Jan 2024
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Nicholas Osei, the founder and leader of Heavens Gate Ministry International, has criticized the Seventh-Day Adventist Church's (SDA) call for a change in the voting date during general elections, describing it as unnecessary.

In an interview on Accra 100.5 FM's mid-day news on Thursday, January 18, 2024, Mr Osei, popularly known as Kumchacha, expressed concerns that such demands could lead to chaos in the country.

He took issue with the church's plea to change the voting date due to it falling on the Sabbath day.

Rev Kumchacha questioned the church's decision to prioritize God's rules over the laws of the land, emphasising that both should be respected.

He argued that failing to respect the laws of the land while claiming to abide by God's rules could lead to potential chaos.

Furthermore, Rev Kumchacha cautioned that if the Seventh-Day Adventist Church were granted a change in the voting date, other religious groups, including Muslims and pagans, might also demand alterations whenever the election day coincides with their congregational days.

He stressed the importance of maintaining harmony between religious principles and legal obligations to prevent potential conflicts.

Meanwhile, the Seventh-Day Adventist Church has formally requested the Minister of Justice and Attorney General to explore the possibility of rescheduling this year's elections to a different day.

This appeal, which has been forwarded to the Electoral Commission as well, according to the church emphasizes the need for an amendment to the non-entrenched Article 112(4).

The urgency from the church stems from the fact that the scheduled election date of December 7 coincides with the Sabbath.

Specifically, the church advocates a modification to the current date, proposing a shift to either the first or second Tuesday of November.

The motivation behind this request, as stated by the church, is to contribute to the deepening of electoral democracy and to ensure the active participation of all citizens in the electoral process.

Their objective is to prevent the exclusion of any individual based on religious observances and to foster an inclusive electoral environment.


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