NPP orchestrated my removal from CPP, they say I speak for NDC - Jantuah reveals

CPP NPP orchestrated my removal from CPP, they say I speak for NDC - Jantuah reveals
DEC 7, 2023 LISTEN

Nana Yaa Jantuah, the former General Secretary of the Convention Peoples Party (CPP), has pointed fingers at the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), alleging the governing party’s involvement in her recent forced resignation following a petition for her removal to the National Executive Council (NEC).

Ms Jantuah, known for her outspoken demeanour, resigned on Wednesday amid accusations of misconduct and non-performance.

However, she challenged these allegations, asserting they were baseless.

She expressed her frustration, particularly questioning how a party that provided her with insufficient resources for her duties, could later label her as incompetent.

She emphasised that the allegations stemmed from her criticism of the governing NPP and her perceived alignment with the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

“How can you tell me that I speak for the NDC? That is why I am saying that the NPP is behind what is happening now. Are they not the ones who have been saying this?"

“In what way do I speak for the NDC, and how is that even incompetence?” she exclaimed.

She challenged the CPP to provide clear and justifiable reasons for her removal, emphasising her commitment to addressing issues objectively.

“When I go on platforms, I speak on issues as they are.

“Am I a representative of the NDC? If the issue we are discussing is wrong, it is wrong; if it’s right, it is right.

“The NDC also has its representatives. Has anybody at the party written to me that I speak for the NDC? How is that possible?” she queried.

As the controversy surrounding her resignation unfolds, Ms Jantuah has urged transparency from the CPP regarding the reasons behind her removal.

The allegations, according to her, are an attempt to gag her.

Ms Jantuah made this accusation in an interview on Accra-based UTV