Ginger increases penis size and ‘Lustful’ Yeaning

Feature Article Ginger increases penis size and Lustful Yeaning
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I read this interesting study by Wannanon et al.(2012) that reported that men who took the 90 mg dose of ginger extract reported having a one-centimeter increase in penile length when flaccid and erect. This change in penile size lasted for about two months.

Apart from that ginger enhances libido. A recent study by Wen et al.(2023) investigated 1) if disgust induced by sexual body fluids would reduce sexual arousal, reduce the likelihood of sexual engagement, and enhance disgust toward subsequent erotic stimuli, and 2) if the administration of ginger would affect these reactions.

The researchers administered either ginger or placebo pills to a sample of 247 participants and found that ginger increased sexual arousal toward the erotic stimuli in both men and women and, importantly, that ginger may improve the sexual function of individuals via its sexual arousal-enhancing effect.

Ginger as Libido boosting food
Ginger is an aphrodisiac food used around the world as a libido-boosting, medicinal treatment. For example, aphrodisiac ginger is used in India, mixed with eggs and honey, as a treatment for impotence. In traditional Chinese medicine, this spice is beloved for its ability to improve circulation to the hands, feet, and even the sex organs. It is also rumored that, in the far reaches of the world, this root is even applied topically to private parts to enliven men’s fading desires. (Do not try this!).

According to The Aphrodisiac Encyclopaedia, centuries before humans knew why ginger was effective, it was observed that eating the spice “increased lustful yearnings.”

Ginger is a relative of turmeric, a spice famous for its health benefits. Ginger even shares some similarities with turmeric in the ways this spice can impact libido. Like turmeric, ginger is believed to reduce oxidative stress in the body.

Low Testosterone and Ginger Linkage
A study by Banihani SA(2018) found ginger supplementation enhances testosterone production in males.

Another study by Davies KP(2015) found that nitric Oxide (NO) has a vasodilating effect, which helps dilate blood vessels and improve the blood volume circulating throughout the body. NO also activates smooth muscle tissue relaxation in the penis, particularly in the corpus cavernosum.

This erectile tissue is vital for facilitating erections and ejaculations in males. This increased efficiency results in increased blood flow to the penis and a higher rate of sexual satisfaction.

Ginger supplementation can improve blood flow to the penis and sexual organs. This is because of the various minerals found in ginger that help promote blood circulation, namely magnesium, chromium, and zinc. An increase in blood flow helps address various sexual dysfunction problems, the most common of which is erectile dysfunction.

Ginger and Male Enhancement
One clinical study by Wannanon et al.(2012) found that Thai black ginger, or Kaempferia parviflora, has helped enhance blood flow and improve sexual experiences.

The study divided participants into three categories:

  1. Men who took a placebo
  2. Men who ingested 25 mg of Thai Black Ginger
  3. Men who ingested 90 mg of Thai Black Ginger

Forty-five men joined the study, all of whom have a mean age of around 65 years old. After eight weeks, the findings supported Ginger’s case: the men who took a 90 mg dose had a faster erectile response time to erotic stimuli by 50% compared to men who took the placebo. However, those who took a 25 mg dose didn’t have a significant increase in their response.

On top of that, men who took the 90 mg dose of ginger extract reported having a one-centimeter increase in penile length when flaccid and erect. This change in penile size lasted for about two months.

(Kaempferia parviflora is a plant in the ginger family.) this is because it is a proven aid to circulation. But the Kaempferia parviflora study was quite small and this and other research to date on this topic is considered inconclusive.

Overall, it can be stated that ginger has a positive impact on men who suffer from erectile difficulties. It’s also more sustainable than certain ED medications with one-time uses as it can last for a few months.

Ginger and Fertility
Mares and Wisam(2012) study found that ginger improves male fertility. It also found that ginger increased sperm motility in men with known fertility issues. This is not surprising since reducing oxidative stress is linked with male fertility.

Ginger and Heart Health
Ginger has also been known to help improve cardiovascular function. In one study, Wang et al.(2017) found daily ginger consumption correlated to a decreased risk for hypertension for males aged 18 and above. For men aged 60 and above, the risk for coronary heart disease decreases as more ginger is consumed.

Cardiovascular health is inextricably linked with erectile and sexual function. For instance, early erectile dysfunction is often a sign of atherosclerosis or clogging of blood vessels that may lead to cardiac arrest or heart attacks.

Cardiovascular health also influences the blood flow to various regions of the body. If there’s insufficient blood volume directed to the penis, it can lead to erectile problems like erectile dysfunction.

Linked with reducing erectile dysfunction

Ghayur et al.(2005) study found that ginger might similarly reduce blood pressure, (and possibly as effectively), as certain prescription medications used to treat erectile dysfunction. Not only does the natural benefit of ginger to reduce blood pressure improve heart and vein health but it also impacts sexual performance and the ability to reach sexual climax.

Lim et al.(2017) study found that the use of ginger as a circulatory supplement highlighted the spice’s potential as a treatment for ED. It isn’t complete proof but it certainly lends legitimacy to the claim that ginger may have a positive effect on sexual function. Unfortunately, there is no data good available on how or how much ginger is required to give men a sexual boost.

Ginger for seduction
Ginger is known to raise body temperature. You know that feeling of getting warmer and warmer as you eat chile peppers? Ginger can have the same effect, only the impact is more subtle when you eat ginger. The sting of fresh ginger in your mouth can also make your lips desirable up with kissable softness.

Ginger, Women
In a study by Yılmaz et al.(2018) ginger appeared to improve female fertility. Although research on ginger and fertility is still in its infancy, this spice shows remarkable promise in helping women who are trying to conceive.

Another double-blind controlled trial by Afshar et al.(2022) found that women who took 250mg of ginger four times per day had significantly higher scores on the Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) than before the intervention. Though the study was quite small it makes a great indication that ginger has the potential to help women sexually.

Culinary ginger is considered relatively safe. But in large doses, it can cause mouth and throat irritation and even cramping and diarrhea. Additionally, some experts recommend avoiding ginger if you have certain conditions like blood disorders. (The positive effects of ginger on blood circulation may cause complications for those suffering from hemophilia.) Anyone taking medication for high blood pressure or diabetes should also check with a doctor before consuming ginger to prevent interactions.

There are different forms to use ginger to improve your sexual health. From my experience, making tea from the powder(two teaspoons) into a glass of hot water and taking it early morning and before going to bed appears to be the most effective and increases men's sexual drive. You will see the benefits when you take it daily and becomes part of your diet.

Take Home
Wannanon et al.(2012) report that men who took the 90 mg dose of ginger extract reported having a one-centimeter increase in penile length when flaccid and erect. This change in penile size lasted for about two months. Ginger in general improves men's sexual life as compared to women. Also, a study has reported the combination of ginger and turmeric as a super diet to improve sexual health. Others reported the combination of ginger, garlic, and honey as well.

In conclusion, daily use of ginger aids in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and can help in the treatment of premature ejaculation in males

Prof. Nyarkotey has strict sourcing guidelines and relies on peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutions, and medical associations to justify his write-ups. My articles are for educational purposes and do not serve as Medical advice for Treatment. I aim to educate the public about evidence-based scientific Naturopathic Therapies.

Prof. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu is a professor of Naturopathic Healthcare. E-mail: [email protected].


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