23.09.2023 Press Statement

Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Day Message

By Briphildon Foundation
Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Day Message
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September 21, 2023 | As we observe September 21 to commemorate Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s birthday and his achievements as Ghana’s first President, the Briphildon Foundation extends its heartfelt greetings to the people of Ghana and the international community.

This significant day holds profound importance in our history and serves as a powerful reminder of our collective aspirations as a nation. Today is a Statutory Public Holiday throughout Ghana, and we encourage everyone to observe it with the respect it deserves.

Let us commemorate the life and legacy of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, a visionary leader who played an instrumental role in Ghana’s struggle for independence. Today marks another milestone of his contribution to Africa, Ghana and global peace and development. There is no denying the fact that such a celebration is one worthy of remembrance. As Ghana grows, develops, and prospers, its progress also impacts much of Africa.

Dr Kwame Nkrumah is still remembered for his unrepentant anti-colonial stance and strident Pan-Africanism. Above all, he is regarded as one of Africa’s ablest statesmen of the 20th century. The weight of Nkrumah’s leadership in Ghana was a combination of dogged courage, cultural dynamism that put sacrifice above vainglory in bringing together loyalists and patriots in order to achieve independence and an African personality that would affect the Diaspora in influencing global politics.

As a Foundation, we would like to put on records that democratic governance in Africa and, for that matter, Ghana, nevertheless was riddled with setbacks. A major record is that economic success stories had been very few on the continent. To be able to help solve Africa’s numerous problems and avoid the pitfalls that caused Ghana and the continent to lose momentum, we must deeply and expansively think new thoughts. Again to be able to think new thoughts, we must ask questions.

Are we holding the torch of Ghana high to make the Black Star shine even brighter? The words inscribed below resonate loudly, but only to those with a welcoming and industrious mind, an embracing heart, and a discerning soul to listen, understand, and perpetuate. These are the prerequisites upon which African liberalism and pride rest forever.

Our “Africanness” shouldn’t only be actuated and accentuated in our culture, our inherent geographical setting, or colour. But our “Africanness” must transcend these common and pervasive concepts. If we begin to think and act as such, it culminates into an inner conscience that reaffirms the pride we exude as Africans. We must think more freedom and policies that facilitate property ownership.

We also implore leaders to grant people the freedom and protection to generate wealth through businesses, thereby fostering prosperity in all spheres of the country. Ghanaian leaders should be ready to implement policies devoid of party politics.

The Briphildon Foundation believes that nation-building is a passion born out of love and is not solely for those whose main goal is material acquisition. One does not need to be a politician to make a difference in the country. In one’s own capacity, a difference can be made wherever you are, irrespective of your status, qualification, position, or prestige.

As a Foundation, we call on the entire citizenry to use this day to remind ourselves that it is about time we industrialised our minds and reconfigure our genetically default setting to derail the colloquial misogynic representation of Africa and think more about economic freedom and trade by Africans and for Africans to include globalisation.

We also urge every Ghanaian to deconstruct that social, economic construct to begin to live a life anew, with brewing pride and liberty in our blackness and prospects. Our sovereignty thrives on this. Do not be an African who only lives in Africa. Be an African that has African values living and throbbing in his or bosom causing more freedom and liberty over elections and power.

Let’s embrace this, and our lives will never be the same. On this day, I leave some questions for all and sundry. Can’t we, like America, Europe, and Asia, move forward? Is the African man undeserving of such monumental progress? Where will Ghana be in the next 40 years?

On this memorable day, our Foundation believes that we need to draw strength from our past adversities, seize the initiative, and push forward. Provided we re-engineer our society, including attitudes, belief systems, governance structures, and development paradigms, the 21st century will be our time. We will realise our unlimited possibilities and establish conclusively our greatness. That is our deep-seated and unalterable belief. May God bless our homeland Ghana and make her great and strong.

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