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Tackling Indiscipline and Immorality in Schools: Counselor calls for collective effort for child's development

Tackling Indiscipline and Immorality in Schools: Counselor calls for collective effort for child's development

The Guidance and Counselling Coordinator at Mawuli Senior High School in Ho, the Volta regional capital has called on all especially parents, teachers and the general public to play their roles in raising children for a better future.

Ms Ken Addom Mawuse Tina noted that in every child's development, indiscipline needs to be addressed from an early age.

In an engagement at an event dubbed "Mawuli Must Dance," an annual concert by the Mawuli School held over the weekend in the school aimed at promoting moral values among the students she asserted that indiscipline is not an inherited behaviour.

She noted that it is crucial to educate children about the importance of distinguishing right from wrong, with teachers playing a significant role in instilling discipline.

According to her, teachers are sometimes faced with some challenges in trying to instil discipline “despite receiving the necessary training, many teachers encounter challenges in the quest to discharge their roles or mandates in their respective environment to shape students.”

She further explained that in achieving this parents must have positive relationships with teachers, fostering a conducive learning environment which is beyond just providing learning tools and materials.

"Immorality is exhibited at every level or sector of life. Government, parents, teaches, and everyone has a role to play in the development of every student not just by providing their learning tools or materials."

Ms Ken charged parents to take delight in knowing the performance of their wards at school including their behaviours and their attitudes.

“The school community must enforce strict adherence to rules and regulations. House mistresses, teachers, and school leaders must ensure that all students follow these guidelines,” she said.

She admonished that fostering discipline and curbing immorality in schools is a collaborative effort that involves parents, teachers and the broader society.

"By nurturing a supportive environment and enforcing rules consistently, we can achieve the goal of holistic development for every student," she emphasised.

Evans Attah Akangla
Evans Attah Akangla

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