Dare to Dream, A Book Review by Dr. Carl Odame-Gyenti

Book Review Dare to Dream, A Book Review by Dr. Carl Odame-Gyenti
JUN 16, 2023 LISTEN

The entire financial sector is home to experienced and seasoned industry experts with strong records in the industry.

Over the years, I have noted and wondered where all that experience and knowledge goes when these knowledgeable persons finally retire. My curiosity and the desire to pass on these experiences and knowledge to the next generation have led me to conclude that it is important to catalogue these experiences to facilitate the education and grooming of the next generation of business leaders.

In my new book titled Dare to Dream, Solving Africa’s Challenges with Cognitive Ideas, I aim to challenge and inspire young industry professionals to refocus their minds to tackle the major challenges facing the African Continent today. I hope that by inspiring these young professionals, they will find novel solutions to overcome the challenges.

The book is the first in a series of books I will publish. This edition is a 483-page book covering banking, finance investment, fintech and lifestyle. The areas selected for this book are excerpts from related articles I published between 2018 and 2023.

The book consists of Fifty (55) chapters. In Chapter One (1), I address the subject of Bonds. The explanation given and the style adopted in treating the subject go a long way to demystify the whole concept of capital market activities in simple language to the ordinary reader.

The book is scheduled to be released on Monday 19th June 2023. It is suitable for Finance and non-Finance people who want to broaden their scope of understanding on the areas addressed in the book. The book will also be of interest to children over the age of 16 who want to build a career or are interested in banking, finance and FinTechs.

The book under ISBN 978-9914-49-579-9 is moderately priced in such a way that it becomes affordable for individuals to buy. Dare to Dream has a format of hardback, paperback and soft cover. Autographed copies can be obtained in Ghana at a cost of GHS150.00 and KES3000.00 in Kenya. The book is also available on Amazon at The amazon softcover is sold for USD9.99 while the paperback is priced at USD35.00. There is value for money for this book as it captivates the interest of the lay reader. To get a copy of this book, kindly call the following numbers: +233 (0) 200301110 or +254 (0) 705459061 or email: [email protected].

The author is a well-trained Banking and Finance professional with over 15 years of working experience with international Banks in Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Kenya. I have embarked on several assignments in London, Singapore, and the United States of America. I am also a columnist for Ghana`s Biggest Business Newspaper, the Business and Financial Times.