CDC Youth League commences national youth workshop on Leadership and Political Empowerment

By Lord Alpha G. Gray II Contributor
Liberia CDC Youth League commences national youth workshop on Leadership and Political Empowerment
JUN 8, 2023 LISTEN

In keeping with pillar one of the Pro-poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development, the ardent development mantra of the George Weah-led government, which gives power to the people and under which education and training are enshrined, the Youth League of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change has commenced a two-day training workshop that is focused on political education, leadership, and empowerment.

The CDC Youth League headed by its erudite Chairman, Emmanuel Mulbah Johnson, believes that in order for young people to have the ability and critical awareness skills to influence positive change in a political system, there is a need to have the requisite training and knowledge on youth empowerment and political participation. With this, he is cognizant that these young people will have a sense of identity and collective interest so as to become critical component of political leadership and nation building.

The training workshop which commenced on Thursday, June 8, at the Headquarters of the Coalition for Democratic Change, witnessed the influx of cabinet officials, and heads and members of fourteen different auxiliary groups registered under the Youth League.

Meanwhile, the workshop opened with a welcome address and opening statement from the Youth Chairman Hon. Emmanuel Mulbah Johnson.

Assistant Gender Minister for Administration Hon. Mamensie Kabba, served as the workshop’s first speaker and made a presentation on the topic “Understanding Political Leadership and Growing Your Leadership Influence.”

During her presentation, Hon. Kabba talked about the qualities of a good political leader and stressed the need for good leadership among young people in politics.

On the other hand, Hon. Eddie Tarawali, Assistant Justice Minister for Correction and Rehabilitation, who served as the second speaker during the workshop, spoke on the topic “Empowering Liberian Youth to take Ownership of their own Destiny.” Hon. Tarawali motivated young people to take ownership and encouraged them to utilize new opportunities.

After their presentation, both Hon. Tarawali and Hon. Kabba were quizzed by the workshop attendees during the question and answer session of the training.

The workshop will empower these young people with the tools for their growth and development and provide them with the knowledge, resources, and skills they need to become active citizens and leaders in their communities and make their voices heard in the decision-making process of the country.

In addition, the workshop will help them get more engaged in peace building and strengthening security, as well as building a stronger democracy by increasing voter turnout, promoting civic education, and also encouraging them to take leadership roles locally and nationally.

The second phase of the workshop will be held on Friday, June 9 and will also end the same day. Other officials of government such as Hon. Williametta Piso Saydee-Tarr, Gender Minister and His Lordship Jefferson T. Koijee, Mayor of Monrovia will serve as speakers.