Pastor Kwabena “Kobby” Sarpong, First Lady Receive Presidential Lifetime Achievement Awards and Other Honors During Mega Church Celebration

Awards Presented During Redeemers Church of Christ 6th Anniversary
  Sat, 05 Nov 2022
Diaspora (USA) First Lady Elizabeth Sarpong (L) - Pastor Kobby Sarpong (R)
First Lady Elizabeth Sarpong (L) - Pastor Kobby Sarpong (R)

Lanham, MD (November 3, 2022) – Pastor Kobby Sarpong, leader of Redeemers Church of Christ in Lanham, MD, received a Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award on Sunday in front of thousands of congregants during the church’s 6th anniversary celebration. The recognition, issued by President Joe Biden’s administration, was a result of Pastor Sarpong’s missions work and tireless humanitarian efforts assisting immigrants and poverty stricken communities both nationally and internationally.

A native of Western Ghana (Princess Town), the global leader and visionary moved to the United States 20 years ago, building on a career marked by massive impact and public service to immigrant communities, victims of humanitarian crisis, refugees, asylees, and other at-risk populations. Prior to pioneering Redeemers Church of Christ, he was at the helm of Winners Chapel International in Georgia and Maryland for nine years, growing the church from 400 members to 4,000 before resigning in 2016.

Pastor Sarpong advocated for African immigration reform in a crucial meeting in 2012 with then President Barack Obama on the eve of DACA – a deal the President would sign shortly after, alleviating the fear of deportation from young people who arrived in the U.S. as undocumented immigrants. He also participated in briefings with the U.S. Congress, USAID, Homeland Security Faith Based Centers, and the U.S. Department of State's Office of Global Affairs.

To date, under his leadership Redeemers Church of Christ is one of the largest churches in the eastern United States, also boasting more than five million virtual viewers who tune in for services from across the world.

In addition to receiving the Presidential honors, Pastor Sarpong was awarded by the Prince George’s County Executive Office for being a pillar of his community, and for his work as a member of the African Diaspora Advisory Board.

“It is an amazing feeling to have been honored for my work,” he said. “I didn’t expect any of this, so I was very surprised, but it makes us feel accomplished and encourages us to do even more.”

“During my journey I have learned that we are supposed to reach out to the poor, and our core mission is winning them over to Christ Jesus. If we give back to these people, we are giving back to Him. That is what makes us feel accomplished and that is what has propelled us over the past six years. It is not the accolades and selfish interests, it is about giving back.”

Dr. Agorom Dike, Founder and President of the Caribbean and African Faith Based Leadership Conference (CAFBLC), presented Pastor Sarpong with the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award. His organization, which serves as a liaison to the White House cabinet offices, has witnessed firsthand the breadth of the minister's work and shared a rave review.

“Pastor Sarpong and his wife Pastor Elizabeth Sarpong have been associated with the CAFBLC since June 2014, supporting the organization. He is a prolific organizational leader who demonstrates a deep passion for humanitarian concerns. He is a replica of solidarity, service and support to the immigrant community, and the church is the epicenter where immigrants are able to assimilate into society,” Dr. Dike said. “Because of who he is, I believe he is destined to be an asset to the United States in the area of ethnic and racial reconciliation. He is definitely a voice for the diaspora.”

Adding to the celebration, Pastor Sarpong’s wife, Pastor Elizabeth Sarpong, also received a Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for her work in advancing the ministry of Redeemers Church of Christ.

“My wife works with the women of the church and with the children. She takes a very strong interest in the development of the children. Moreso, she has been there every step of the way, supporting ministry-wise, taking care of my business, and making sure members of the church are taken care of,” Pastor Sarpong said.

Moving ahead, the ultimate goal is to “bring even more souls to Christ.” In order to achieve that, expansion of the ministry is necessary, which is why the church recently purchased nine acres of land to build a new sanctuary. The work will continue, and together, Pastor Sarpong and the First Lady aim to accomplish more historic feats.