Uplifting African Economies: SME Digitization and Entrepreneurship

Feature Article Naseem Javed
JUN 13, 2022 LISTEN
Naseem Javed

What has changed today, if any, is the mind of the world; just ask a few things from any person anywhere in any big or small city of the world. The response will be crisp, the knowledge and awareness noticeable but definitely far superior where it was just a couple of years ago. Post-Covid mind has advanced, the social distance, the isolation; remoteness and the global chaos all have taught the global populace to become aware of the surroundings. Free falling rains of technologies have rapidly fertilized the minds with knowledge and opened additional options.

Long awaited, the SME of Africa needs guidance necessary to upskill and to bring out the final touches to enlarge the scope of quality and market expansion and allow the SME to grow like a solid organization. Something presently missing, absent in the current university education, and equally not available from any government agencies. This is not about a classroom of two dozen SME; this is national mobilization of entrepreneurialism, therefore, mastery of multiple dimensions is a prerequisite to drive such deployments.

Nothing happens when silence dominates, as achievements of extraordinary heights demand deeper foundations as piling up dirt creates neither a mountain nor just holding water a dam. Nation by nation the critical needs to uplift SME economies is the hidden call of the national agenda.

The African Advantage: while, global-age competitiveness and higher expectancies all combined like a perfect storm, strong enough to rip apart any disorganized economy anywhere across the world, at the same time, each nation now has amazing opportunities to uplift economic performances by using new mindsets for new advanced trade winds. What are the missing links?

Meritocracy is only painful when refusing change. Therefore, national mobilization of entrepreneurialism is only possible when job creator mindsets deliver bold narratives. Nothing happens when silence dominates.

Across Africa, those nations already planning the “National Mobilization of SME Entrepreneurialism '' needs learning the procedures on how to digitize, in stages, mobilize in sequences and highlight 5K to 50K SME across the nation systematically and make them dance on global digital platforms of upskilling exporters, reskilling manufacturers and quadrupling exportability. The programs are deployment-ready for regional or national customization. The big picture

This is like a revolution in a shoebox, mobilization in "simultaneous synchronization" deployments with hyper-efficiencies, in any progressive African region in any high potential economic sector. The most important are the African questions; nation-by-nation, like, what are the prime missing links in national mobilization of the SME economies? How fast can the local trade groups and chambers come together to initial orientations and upskilling to manage such integrated deployments? What is your national economic leadership thinking? What are your bigger goals across the continent and global markets? Where is your authoritative expertise on such affairs and how are you planning to lead uplifting of the economy?

Africa is opening fast already with a great future ahead and uplifting the youthful populations across the continent are on the right paths and where the national treasures hidden. Explore how Expothon is creating footprints and helping on such authoritative narratives, study more on Google.

Such programs are not about digital websites and SME coaching, they are all about uplifting national entrepreneurialism and 5K to 50K SME simultaneously. With blueprints and options available on Entrepreneurialization, Digitization, Commercialization, and Exportization to make economic prosperity happen, what is stopping the progress, what is creating restless citizenry? No government agency of the world is perfect without constant learning, constant upskilling and open-minded vision to change to fit the changing world. Short video as any absence of new thinking, lack of debates and discussions on global-age expertise to drive the local nation SME economic sectors, the largest contributor of the local economy to new heights is why national economies are slipping fast. Study methodologies The rest is easy.

Naseem Javed