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16.04.2004 Feature Article

Peduasi Lodge set Up To Train NPP Police -Rejoinder

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The answer given by the IGP regarding the recruitment of new police force (read) is unacceptable and at best outrageous. Is the IGP trying to tell us that a seperate police force is needed specifically gaurd NPP ministers? Can't our regular police force do that? This kind of practises when allowed to continue will undermine the credibility of police in the country. The purpose of a police force is to ensure the safety and well being of all ghanaians, including state officials. I therefore see no need in creating a seperate forces just for protecting ministers. This police will end up being loyal to individuals in politics instead of the state. By justifying the fact that those police new recruits are ment just to protect minister in an election year, the IGP has undermine his already questionable neutratility and those of the police force as well. This developments will not only undermine the the integrity of the Police but it has a damaging effect on the democratic development of the country.

If political opponent feel isolated and intimidated by the security agence, which this new development is likely to creat,the result is creation private arms and it dangerous repercussion. We are located in a very tense sub-region with numerous and endless armed conflicts.

Ghana can not afford to jeopardize peace in the interest of a political party. The experiece of countries such as Liberia, Sierra-Leone, and Cote d' Ivoire should teach us a lesson about a divided security apparatus. The IGP has turned himself into a polician justifying all that he is authorize by the NPP government, but he should be aware that Ghanaians would hold accountable for what does. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

Abdul Musah Sidibe
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