N/R: Gburimani community gets mechanized borehole

By Alidu Abdur Rashid
Regional News N/R: Gburimani community gets mechanized borehole
OCT 19, 2021 LISTEN

The Savana Wash Services Ghana, a non-profit making organization based in the Northern Region has handed over a mechanized borehole to the residents of Gburimani in the Tolon District.

The initiative is aimed at alleviating the suffering the residents of the community go through in search of clean water for domestic use.

Gburimani has been one of the communities under the Tolon District which has been battling with chronic water crises for years now.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Ben Bonzali, the Country Director of the Savana Wash Services Ghana, said the reason for the gesture is to assist communities having challenges in getting clean water for their domestic use.

He said the people of Gburimani are fortunate to have this project been brought to the community as many other communities would have wished to have it.

He admonished them to take proper care of the borehole and ensure it serves its purpose.

He noted the water found beneath the ground is of excess and urged the community leaders to work on getting a bigger storage that could collect and store more water for the community.

The chief of the community, Abdulai Mohammed, together with his elders received the project on behalf of the community and thanked Savannah Wash Services Ghana for coming to their aid.

Chief Abdulai Mohammed assures that they will take proper care of the borehole and ensure it served its purpose.

“He who brings you good water brings you healthy life," he intimated.

He urged the residents to see the borehole as their own and not for one person simply because it is cited at the back of someone's house.

The chief, therefore, appealed to authorities, to replicate these projects to other parts of the community to completely eradicate the water crises facing them.

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