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Even if Nana-Addo changes constitution and contest, Mahama will win 2024 hands down — Sheshe Semabia

Even if Nana-Addo changes constitution and contest, Mahama will win 2024 hands down — Sheshe Semabia
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A staunch member of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Sheshe Semabia has added his voice to calls for the party to present its 2020 Presidential Candidate John Dramani Mahama as candidate for the 2024 general elections.

Analysing his chances in the upcoming elections, Mr. Semabia noted that it would be unwise for the NDC to change him at this time when he has been “well marketed by the party including his good works.”

According to him, the NPP kept presenting the then candidate Akufo-Addo after losing several elections, adding that, former President John Agyekum Kufuor lost in 1996 elections and subsequently won in 2000.

“Political marketability of their candidate played a very vital role to the Fortunes of the NPP in the 2000 election.
“Our party NDC too declared the then Vice President as our presidential candidate for that election but lost because there was lack of political marketability.
"NDC had all the state resources at our disposal but we lost that election due to a strong connection of the politically marketability of president Kufour at that time,” he stressed.

Speaking to ModernGhana News, Mr. Semabia said the popularity of a candidate contributes a lot to his victory, a reason he said the NDC stands to ruin its chances of winning the 2024 elections if it changes the twice defeated Mahama.

“Even if Nana Addo changes the constitution and contest in 2024, JM will win hands down,” he intimated, adding that the NPP is well aware of their bleak chances and would therefore do everything possible to distract the NDC from presenting Mahama again.

Mr. Semabia who has been a strong critic of the ruling government on finance, said the former President has done a lot of work which will speak for him come 2024.

“JM has proved that he is generational thinker, by starting the construction of a lot of hospitals across the country. Even though he could not complete all, some of them, we all know, have been very helpful to this current government. And that is how governance is supposed to be.
“Look at the Ga East Hospital which became the savior of this country during the dangerous times of the Covid-19, look at the University of Ghana Medical Center, and the numerous others. Why won’t these health facilities talk for JM in 2024, or you think Ghanaians cannot think and know how the former president thought about Moher Ghana,” he stated.

He claims Ghanaians who are fed up with the mal-administration of the NPP government have regretted voting them back to power.

According to him, many Ghanaians who wished they had Mr. Mahama as President will vote for him in the 2024 general elections, “but woe unto us if we bring any bogus person as candidate.”

“It is Mahama the people of Ghana know and none other. If we want to bring any new person as candidate, we will have tell ourselves truthfully that we have accepted to lose 2024 elections while we prepare that person for 2028 or possibly 2032.
“I want to appeal to my dear Akatamansonians that we should be wise and present the person whose name has become a household name in Ghana now, a person who has a lot of legacies to show what he did for Ghana while he was president and a person who has been there before and knows the ins and outs of the presidency,” he cautions.

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James Appiakorang

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