We were not influenced by any party to reject your rice, we really need jobs — Busunu youth to Abu Jinapor

By Abraham Ananpansah
NPP News We were not influenced by any party to reject your rice, we really need jobs — Busunu youth to Abu Jinapor
JUL 23, 2021 LISTEN

The youth of Busunu in the West Gonja Municipal of the Savannah Region has reiterated calls for the Damongo MP Abu Jinapor to provide them with job opportunities.

In a press conference addressed by the president, Akuro Gbeadese Rafiu on behalf of the group, the youth maintained that they were never influenced by any party executive or influential person in their action.

He noted that they were seeking to create a signal to the MP that they really need jobs.

Made up of the Unemployed Graduate Association of Busunu (CUGAB) and the Busunu Youth Association (BUYA), the youth group pointed out that employment was ongoing in other districts and they were only craving for same from their MP Abu Jinapor.

Whilst apologising for their action, they added that it was never their intention to sabotage the legislator, but rather, they were angry about their sufferings.


Some irate youth of the New Patriotic Party in Busunu in the West Gonja Municipal of the Savannah Region on 18th July,2021, rose up in spleen against the Member of Parliament, Lawyer Abu Jinapor.

Expressing their strong feeling of antagonism towards the legislator, the youth rejected bags of rice sent to them by the MPs delegation to aid them celebrate the Eid, festival of sacrifice with a clear message that they need Jobs, not bags of rice.

In the widely circulated video, the youth could be heard chanting fuming words that they had been eating rice before Abu Jinapor became their MP.

Read below the full statement:

Press statement

For immediate release

22nd July, 2021.


Fellow patriots, the chiefs and elders of Busunu community, all party executives, Concerned Unemployed Graduate Association of Busunu(CUGAB) and its executives, Busunu Youth Association(BUYA), media practitioners, ladies and gentlemen, greetings to you all.

We are here today in front of the general public to make clarification on some actions being taken by Busunu NPP youth on Sunday 18th of July 2021. We believe very well that the entire community and the constituency at large will bear with us that the sharing of rice seems to be an annual activity performed by our abled Member of Parliament (MP) thus the minister for lands and natural resources Honorable Samuel Abu Jinapor.

Unfortunately this year on said date, the story changed from welcoming this philanthropic gesture.

We therefore want to, on behalf of our colleagues seek apology from our chiefs and elders since the said rice was not for the youth of Busunu but rather for our chiefs, Clan heads and elders.

Media practitioners, ladies and gentlemen, We want to say that we are very sorrowful pertaining to our actions and inactions and thereby want to pronounce our regret.

Busunu; a homogeneous community is blessed with responsible elders full of wisdom, and when children belonging to them pick decisions that bring chaos, the children still will not hesitate to run back to them. You the elders know the suffering we went through during the elections, we therefore decided collectively to create the attention of our distinguished MP, since we are lucky in the Damongo constituency to have him as our MP, to hear our cry and come to our aid. Yes the message was 'we need jobs not rice' not because we wanted to sabotage or backstab our indefatigable MP, but rather to create a signal to him that we are really in need of his helping hand since employment is ongoing in other districts.

Moreover, to our hardworking party executives, those times when you were not sleeping, we were also not sleeping as well. We rallied behind each other during and after the elections, but we are deeply regretting and apologising for our actions. Our fight on the 18th, we thought was on the right direction, but seem to have brought sleepless nights to you the executives.

We want the general public to be very much aware that we were not influenced by any party executive nor any influential person in the hierarchy. We never intended to pre inform you before as this would have ruined our decision useless.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience this might cost you.

To CUGAB and the whole NPP youth, we still believe we are the patient type, hardworking and dying so hard for our party, fully connected and very respectful to our leaders, this in all, we still remain as loyal patriots. The this, and that, of Busunu is us, not you, not me. Let us still stand tall, hoping and praying our MP listens and come to our aid.

We thank the chiefs and elders of Busunu community, all the party executives, Busunu Youth Association (BUYA), and the media practitioners for all your efforts, concern, and time with us.

Jira, and his elders, we pray you plead on our behalf.


Akuro Gbeadese Rafiu



Luke Kaposhi Gbulo



Abdulai Malick



Jakpa Adishetu



Seidu Sakibu



Source: Ananpansah B. Abraham