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03.03.2021 Article

We Are All Involved

By Darlyn Thompson
We Are All Involved
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In life, some things that are inevitable. Growth, change, and many others happen whether or not one is ready and the ability to handle these as and when they happen helps an individual to stay on course through the many changing scenes of life. I dare say change is a decision usually characterized by many uncertainties and those who are bold enough to rise to the occasion are the ones that lead.

For this reason, the concept of leadership to many feels very abstract with just a select few seeing themselves as cut out to stand out. This should not be the case. Each person leads in one way or another. Leadership is simply about making others better as a result of a person’s presence and making sure that the impact lasts in their absence.

It is seen daily the number of times people rise to demand change from their leaders for situations they are facing overlooking the roles they have to play to make the change work. Sometimes one must be the change to see it. Change comes about by little collective efforts towards a particular goal. This simple concept breaks down the complexity of change and gives everyone the opportunity to be a part of it. This is not to say leading change is easy. It comes with its fair share of difficulty coupled with dedication, vision, sacrifice, and hard work. But the impact of these efforts surely does last a lifetime.

Reflecting on the upcoming commemoration of Ghana’s independence it is evident the impact made by our founding fathers and how their selfless virtues played a role in putting together the strong foundations of this beloved country. The sacrifices that were made before independence have had a generational impact on which we stand to continue making this nation great and strong. It took people with a vision for the future to rise and fight for what they see and believe in.

Our generation needs to see this vision and strive for these legacies to live on. What is being enjoyed today is the future that others saw yesterday and our actions of today will be the future that would be enjoyed by others tomorrow. We are all involved in making Ghana the paradise we all dream of and this begins by being the change we want to see. Our attitude towards everything matters. Attitude towards word, the environment, people, and our society are the seeds that are being sown for tomorrow.

For this reason lead, no matter how small. Lead, no matter where you are. Lead, no matter who is watching.