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Ex-President Trump And Four Years Of Witchcraft In American Politics

Ex-President Trump And Four Years Of Witchcraft In American Politics
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The so-called American Christian Evangelicals were duped and blindsided by Mr Donald J. Trump in 2016 and I said so in this column. Nobody preached the Gospel to me as a former Muslim to give my life to the Lord Jesus Christ. I heard the Voice of His Majesty, the King of kings and the Lord of lords; Jesus Christ of Nazareth Himself on Friday February 21, 1997 and I haven’t looked back since then. My Lord, Master and Savior Jesus Christ is neither a Black Man nor a White Person; although the American Christian Evangelicals in their foolish pride may think my Lord Jesus Christ is a White Man. Some of them that will manage to make it to heaven, if they get rid of their racist hatred and power of generic, will be taken aback that many of their neighbors Over There will be brown and dark-skinned precious souls like me. Where did they get this notion from that Mr. Trump, a pedophile, racist, hate monger, liar, cheat and serial monogamist was God-sent? Where in the Holy Bible did, they read that this misogynist traitor of the United States had been prophesied as the rescuer of the free world? How did the Far Right work themselves frenziedly to support a mendacious character and self-centered man as Donald Trump for four years to the ludicrous extent to put the Sacred Name of my Lord, Master and Savior Jesus Christ into disrepute? What caused the spiritual blindness for four years? As Apostle Paul asked the early believers in Galatia: “You foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you?” (Galatians 3:1). Can a group of people or a nation be bewitched? Absolutely! Hitler bewitched an entire race, Mobutu bewitched a nation for nearly forty years and if a people could not be bewitched, Apostle Paul would not have called out the early Christians in Galatia. Yes, the American Christian Evangelicals were bewitched by Mr. Donald Trump for four years.

The masked underbelly of the Far Right under Trump is the fear of the changing racial demographics of the United States and the prospects of losing White privileges. Just as Adolf Hitler initially gained wider support of the so-called White Evangelicals in Germany in the early years of the National Socialist German Workers Party a.ka. Nazi Party in the 1920s before the monster unleashed his carnage; Donald Trump employed the same strategy four years ago. Just as Hitler wooed German Christians with Aryan Nationalism; Trump baited the White Evangelicals with White Power a.k.a MAGA. No wonder you hear “Take our Country Bac” chant among Trump Cultists. But beyond the racial undertones are the spiritual undercurrents employed by Mr. Trump and his henchmen and women in what President Joe Biden has aptly described as “the battle for the soul of America.” Hitler could not have pulled of his tragedy and monstrous atrocities in Nazi Germany without the use of witchcraft and so Mr. Trump in the past four years in the United States; unbeknown to many of his supporters and political analysts. Any family, college, association, organization, company, corporation or nation where these three things are cleverly deployed to gain control of people’s minds and support is undeniably sorcery and witchcraft. The three Satanic tools are: Manipulation, Intimidation and Domination.

MANIPULATION: Manipulation is the art of suppressing people’s freedom and making them to do what they would not ordinarily do, if the facts and information surrounding an issue are transparently available. The person doing the manipulation will be a cunning liar full of foolish pride. Here is how the Holy Bible described pride mixed with manipulation: “For rebellion is like the sin of divination, and defiance is like wickedness and idolatry…” (I Samuel 15:23). If the Christian Evangelicals and their Far-Right acolytes read their Bible very well, they would have discovered from the onset that Mr. Trump was playing them. They were duped by the man who self-arrogantly asserted that he was the only one who could fix the multifarious problems plaguing the nation. Unless you are God Almighty, no one individual; no one human being could so make such atrocious remark as Trump did four years ago. Yes, the Democrats support the rights of homosexual and lesbians which I will never support; same for abortion; but what of the rights of immigrants, the poor people, the orphans, widows and the less privileged? As our Lord Jesus Christ rebuked the Pharisees and Sadducees of those days: “Woe to you Pharisees, because you give God a tenth of your mint, rue and all other kinds of garden herbs, but you neglect justice and the love of God. You should have practiced the latter without leaving the former undone” (Luke 11:42).

Mr. Trump opened the doors of the White House to the Christian Evangelicals and hoodwinked them with access to power; yet he knows nothing about my Lord, Master and Savior Jesus Christ. The very day I heard this con say he-Donald Trump-has done more for Christianity than my Lord Jesus Christ, I knew witchcraft writ large was at work in the presidency. Unless you are spiritually blind; it is very easy to know from the Holy Spirit that Mr. Trump was never chosen by the Lord Jesus Christ as president in 2016, but because the Far- Right Media in the United States trumpeted it around the world and our people in Nigeria and Africa fell for the propaganda. It worked, because that is how manipulation works. When you combine mind control and propaganda together with gradual desecration of democratic guardrails as we witnessed under Trump in the last four years, you move to the next stage of witchcraft.

INTIMIDATION: You don’t have to fly at night when the rest of us are asleep to be called a witch. You don’t astral project before the Lord Jesus Christ sees you as a witch. If you employ force and intimidation on others to have your way and set up an illegal alternative route to seize power or have your way violently, that is witchcraft. Satan employed it in the Garden of Eden against our First Parents; Adam and Eve by lying to them that they would be like God, if they disobeyed their Maker. The Holy Spirit never intimidates His own. The Lord God Almighty is God of Order and He will never circumvent His chain of authority. In the family, He has designated the Father as the head of the household followed by the wife and the children. As His Word pointed out: “Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, His body, of which He is the Savior…” (Ephesians 5:22). That chain of authority instituted by the Almighty God extends to other human institutions, including political leadership. For egging on his supporters on January 06, 2021 to storm the Capitol ostensibly to steal power by force for him after losing a legitimately conducted election in this nation is nothing more than witchcraft. Intimidation which is the goal of insurrection of any type; on a person, group of people or institution so you can rule is pure witchcraft as the Word of God declares in James 3:13-14: “Who is wise and understanding among you? Let them show it by their good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom. But if you harbor bitter envy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast about it or deny the truth. Such wisdom does not come down from heaven but is earthly, unscriptural and demonic (witchcraft)?”

How could the Christian Evangelicals fall for the hokum that Mr. Trump sold them that he wanted to be president and became president to Make America Great Again? The con was motivated by his envy toward Mr. Barack Obama, period. After all, if a black man could become president, I-Donald Trump- a white man could easily become one as well. This is what’s all about folks! But Trump knew he would be cheered on by his White ilk-those that feel marginalized and afraid of brown and dark skin-so he began by demonizing immigrants, and the manipulation worked in 2016. A serious person who is wise and understanding doesn’t aspire to public service to pursue his or her personal interests. A person genuinely motivated to Make America Great Again would not watch helplessly as 400,000 Americans- and still counting- perished to Coronavirus and did nothing. Mr. Trump possesses none of the seven attributes of Godly wisdom which the Christian Evangelicals should have known, if they read and studied the Holy Bible thoroughly thusly: “…the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure, then peace loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere” (James 3:17). Mr. Trump has never belonged to my Lord, Master and Savior Jesus Christ. He is never one of us, because he doesn’t possess the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:9).

DOMINATION: - Anywhere you see a person blindly and ruthlessly aiming to dominate another person against that person’s free will is the last artifice of witches and wizards. It doesn’t matter, if that person is a wife that wants to control the husband against the latter’s wish; the office secretary manipulating and intimidating the boss via sexual power and ultimate domination so she can gain promotion or a Trump who lost an election square and fair but refused to cede the stage in one piece and peace for the legitimate winner. Imagine what the United States of America would have become if this morally-debased man manage to stay in power for the next four years? Every autocrat is imbued with the demonic spirit of witchcraft but thank God Almighty for few of us genuinely called by the Holy Spirit who got the message and stood in the gap for this great nation. Now the nightmare and national hangover are over. Donald Trump is history. While the damage he has caused will take time to be undone, the True Lord God Almighty will hearken unto our supplications and heal our land. America is a great nation and we are a resilient people. We overcame a bitter civil war, we survived the Great Depression, the racial wounds would be healed and this great nation will continue to be “a shining city upon a hill”-a phrase our Founding Fathers borrowed from my Lord, Master and Savior Jesus Christ in Matthew5:14-16. Finally, the aberration is over. Sanity is back, normalcy is back and may my Lord, Master and Savior Jesus Christ continue to bless the United States of America, Amen.

Dr Moshood Ademola Fayemiwo is the Spiritual Head & Founder, The Jesus Christ Solution Center, based in Cameron, TX USA. Call him at this number: 254-605-4035. You can send him email at [email protected] . You can also visit our websites at: - and

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