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‘Sloganeering, Infrastructure Debates Will Not Build Ghana’ – Franklin Cudjoe

‘Sloganeering, Infrastructure Debates Will Not Build Ghana’ – Franklin Cudjoe
LISTEN AUG 22, 2020

President of IMANI Africa, Franklin Cudjoe has slammed the two main political parties –the National Democratic Congress and the New Patriotic Party– for engaging in what he described as ‘politics of sloganeering and infrastructure debates instead of paying attention to bettering the lives of citizens in the country.

His comments come on the back of recent media debates between the NPP and the NDC on which party delivered superior infrastructure.

Speaking on The Big Issue on Citi TV, Franklin Cudjoe opined that slogans and debates on infrastructure are unnecessary.

“The way to build the country is not in sloganeering; one this, one that. In fact, now we have a festival of freebies because for all you know the NDC is waiting and has been waiting in the straddle to also start making their promises. In fact, the NDC has starting to beg for forgiveness for things they had not done right when they decided not to pay the teacher allowances for instance. I thought that was one of the trump cards for Mahama who said in 2016 that if not paying teacher allowance will take him into opposition then so be it but now he has abandoned that because he does not have an idea of the next batch of freebies that are likely to be unleashed from the NPP. With all the promises of 88 hospitals and 10 billion dollars worth of infrastructure, the bigger question is what the resource envelope entails?”

The president of IMANI Africa also argues that the politics of sloganeering and making promises to get into office has the tendency to slow down the development of the country.

“We also like externalizing a lot of our solutions, always putting my good friend Ken [Ofori-Atta] on the spot. I know that it is good to seek ideas from elsewhere but there are a lot of ideas in this town and I think if we sat together and thought a lot of things through, we could make a significant headway because it is not rocket science to grow this country's economy if there will be patience from the electorates. And that patience can only be built when they stop sloganeering their way into office because when you do that you are actually telling people that the money is there and that you know how to get the money only to come to office and now have to struggle to fulfil them.”


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