Send-Off Party Held For Outgoing Park Manager For Bomfobiri Wildlife Sanctuary

By Alhassan Ishaaq Kaboore || Wildlife Research Journalist
Send-Off Party Held For Outgoing Park Manager For Bomfobiri Wildlife Sanctuary
LISTEN AUG 22, 2020

The Management of the Bomfobiri Wildlife Sanctuary -HQ, Kumawu. hosted a SEND-OFF PARTY CEREMONY to the Outgoing Former Park Manager Mr. Prince Anane Agyei

#Quote "When you are leaving, people around you should be happy to be with you, and when you are dead, they should be Sad that you are Gone, that is the Life we should Live, A LIFE OF LEGACY".

On the 14th of February 2014, The Management of the above mentioned Park welcome Mr. Prince Anane Agyei, who took over from Mr. Joseph Binlinla the Current Regional Manager of the Northern Sector of the Wildlife Division, to man the affairs of the Sanctuary.

In fact, over the years the Park has become a major Tourist attraction in the Ashanti Region and drastically reduces the overcrowding of tourists who visit Boti Falls, Lake Bosomtwe, and Kintampo waterfalls.

Due to the beautiful Waterfall discovered and projected to the world by Mr. Prince Anane Agyei

His presence to the Park to date has seen a major improvement in the park and the Forestry Commission as a whole. He also took it to himself, to renovate the waterfalls which is located in a very strategic position.

He is also aiming, and with the District Chief Executive of the Sekyere Kumawu District, Hon Samuel Addai Agyekum to construct a Canopy Walkway to the Waterfalls for visitors to have a clear view of the animals.

A short History of the Park.

Bomfobiri Wildlife Sanctuary is a bird sanctuary, located about 80 km northeast of Kumasi, within a geographical coordinate of 06°54.595'N and 001°17.340'W. The 53 km² Bomfobiri Wildlife Sanctuary was created in 1975 with four distinct vegetative types such as Riverine Forest, Rainforest, Woodland Savannah and Grassland Savannah.

Animals present on the reserve include several species of birds, crocodiles, Baboons, Mona monkeys, buffalos, red river hogs, Maxwell's duiker, red flank duiker, Bushbuck and monitor lizards.

The reserve has many forms of attraction point including the Lion Stone (a naturally carved stone resembling a lion), Stone Bridge, Bomfobiri waterfall (serving as a habitat for crocodiles), Wala waterfall (for swimming), and caves. Activities that can be engaged in include hiking, mountain climbing, game viewing, bird watching, camping, and swimming. The reserve takes the crocodile as its symbol.

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