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The Tears of the Unemployed; A Burden to Succeed

The Tears of the Unemployed; A Burden to Succeed
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Why are they all looking at me with so many expectations

Why are you in tears praying, Mom?
Do you have the same expectation as they?
Is my current situation causing you pain?
Is my unemployment affecting others around me?
Have I not tried enough with my countless effort?
Didn't I take up menial jobs to keep myself busy?

The people who were the gatekeepers quietly locked the door when it was my turn.

The ones who promised me left me without a trace of their footsteps.

Now I am all by myself striving to meet my basic needs

Mom, does it mean I am lazy?
Does it mean I am good for nothing?
Can those criticizing me for once get into my life for a second and feel what I feel?

Would you please empathize with me for life is hard out there.

I have tried my best.
And my best wasn't enough.
You are all looking at me because you thought I would get it easy in life.

I know I have to offload some of your responsibilities, Mom.

But give me some time to try harder.
My environment is barren, but I can see vegetation on the other side

Wipe your tears, Mom, for your secret prayers will soon have answers.

Let me try again to make something out of my life.
But if I fail, promise me you will be strong
However, when I succeed, please remind me to help others in this same situation.

For life has thought me forgetfulness is sinful.
Even in my darkest moment, darkness couldn't kill me.

Now that I see the light,
I want others to see me as their light as I help them through the door.

Life has taught me if I light a lamp for somebody, it will also brighten my path.

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