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07.08.2006 General News

Archbishop’s Wife Was Unfaithful-Confirms her own daughters who want her to leave their dad alone.

By By dailyEXPRESS reporter
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The two daughters of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams have in a no-holds barred expose of their parents marital problems revealed that their mother, Reverend Francisca Duncan Williams has been unfaithful to her husband.

Elsie & Francesca in the shocking confirmation of what has been a rumour since 2001 said their mother had an affair with an ex-boyfriend, a development that occasioned her own divorce of their daddy in the same year.

“In 2001 before she divorced my dad, she had an affair with an ex-boyfriend and my dad forgave her about that and took her back after a couple of months when she couldn't get anybody else to marry her and she run out of money. So I don't think this is an issue of my dad just getting up and wanting a divorce.”

Archbishop Duncan Williams is in court seeking a divorce. The two were reunited after the 2001 divorce but sources close to the family and now confirmed by the children say the two have been separated over the last two (2) years.

Rev Mrs. Francisca Duncan Williams who engineered the first divorce went to the Dominican Republic with one Patricia Tucker to get the divorce without the Archbishop's presence.

Many have been shocked at news that the founder and owner of the Christian Action Faith Ministries International is the one in court now, seeking a divorce after the well publicized reunion of the two.

News reports indicated that the Archbishop initiated the divorce proceeding after deliberately luring the 'estranged' wife out of the country. But Elsie Duncan Williams Otoo, the eldest child of the couple says their mother knew about the case before traveling.

“She very well knew about the date, the date was jointly determined by both my dad and my mum's attorneys. This was discussed with my mum, and infact my dad asked her when she wanted to leave for London to postpone her trip, and there are several witnesses to that. I was in Ghana when she wanted to leave for London.”

Blaming their mother for all the negative media reports about their father and the family, Elsie said a divorce is the best for the family and the Archbishop because he and they the children have suffered enough.

According to the two young daughters, their mother came back to the marriage after her 2001 divorce because she needed money and missed the trophy & title of Mrs. Duncan Williams & wife of the Archbishop.

“She needs to have that self-assurance and that confidence that she is the Archbishop's wife. That's what gives her respect because a lot of people who are close to her and know the type of person that she is, the people outside don't really know her and what commands that respect and gives her that reverence that people give her is because of the fact that she is married to my father. So, we believe as the children that that is what is driving her to keep the marriage together which she knows has not worked for many years.”

The children are insisting that they are not just out to defend their father and support his position, but have been a part of their dad's suffering. Francesca, the second child of the couple recounted that their mother beyond insulting and using derogatory words against their dad and in their presence also embarked on a hate-campaign pitching them against their dad.

“I never used to talk to my dad, and not pick his calls because my mum told me he didn't like us that's why he sent us to boarding school.”

But according to Francesca, she has over time convinced herself that all that was not true and that her dad will be better off divorced.

The children were also unhappy with Chronicle publisher Kofi Coomson who they accused of masterminding write ups against their dad with the active support of their mum.

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