The present


The best things in this life are those things that we cannot see, they are things that can make or unmake us, however,these things we cannot see originate from within us.

Happiness, Love, Kindness, Pleasure, Satisfaction, Power, Esteem and all other things we kill, suffer and fight for cannot be seen but felt, and that's because they are rooted within us, we cannot take them away but the result we have depends on how well or worse we use them.

Do not fight the product because the product is only a physical representation of the unseen, although the things we cannot see are important,it is essential to make sure that our body and those that drive us do not mislead us.

A Wiseman makes preparation before a journey, but what he prepares for are the things that he cannot see ahead of the journey, and not that which he is presently aware of. He prepares himself with things that are available to him and even thing he has to reach for from others.

Do not be too comfortable with the position that you are in now, but rather be concerned to develop the part of you that makes that position beause it is that which you cannot see that matters.

Remember, your past can only be a First Aid to what you can do Today, but it is not the rock on which you must build your future; it is the PRESENT.

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Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.
By: Albert Einstein