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04.06.2019 People & Places

Dreaming of A Million

By Afro Central Women’s Development Team
Dreaming of A Million
LISTEN JUN 4, 2019

I was told long ago that when a man of God prays for you whatever it is you are seeking must surely come to pass. For many years and even centuries many Christians pray and only see the fruit of their results much later on in life. But however these two Seth and Sharon joined in spirit as Pastor and Believer, Friend & Friend and Brother and Sister through this connection by faith Sharon has found the will to overcome by way of the spiritual weaponry that Rev. Apostle Seth Baah has trained Sharon to use. It may just be found in the inspiring worship that comes about when these two come together. Seth and Sharon have found their way around the globe doing what they love to do while living separate lives. But whenever they come together it is quite a meeting to behold.

Seth prophesied a lot of good things into Sharon’s martial life and spiritual growth at a time when she was running such a stretch in her own walk through womanhood. Seth loves to tell Sharon when she may be down to “ Don’t worry because I AM praying for you” And indeed they have prayed.

Sharon clings to Seth’s soft character and robust prayer life as a way of sustenance for a woman yet holding an office in the business place and in the Church House. What shall I render unto thee was Sharon’s response to the whiles of mankind after Seth took his time to yet pray for our dear Pastor Sharon’s life long journey. Seth made Sharon dream of a million answered prayers that year during the start of Autumn with the good tidings of benevolence and so much to look forward too.

Again Seth has armed Sharon with strong tools to fight the good fight of faith and overcome in life. We are grateful.