Thu, 20 Jul 2023 Album Review

Abisah releases "Afrosounds" an album that showcases African rhythms to the world.

Abisah, an award winning musician and entrepreneur.Abisah, an award winning musician and entrepreneur.

In a refreshing and captivating musical endeavor, Abisah, a rising global icon, presents his latest masterpiece, "Afrosounds." This five-track album serves as a testament to Abisah's overwhelming talent, which has been nurtured and refined throughout his musical journey. Written, composed, and arranged by the gifted artist himself, "Afrosounds" brings forth a vibrant tapestry of African rhythms that are yet to receive the international recognition they deserve.

The main goal of this project, as articulated by Abisah, is to shed light on lesser-known African rhythms and introduce them to a broader audience. While the popularity of Afrobeats continues to soar worldwide, Abisah seeks to demonstrate that there is a vast array of captivating sounds from the African continent that are equally deserving of attention and appreciation. By fusing his unique musical style with these diverse rhythms, Abisah aims to create an immersive experience that showcases the richness and diversity of African music.

In an impassioned appeal to music lovers, Abisah calls for their support in making "Afrosounds" reach its intended audience. He emphasizes the importance of collective efforts in bringing these lesser-known African sounds into the global spotlight. By actively supporting and sharing the album, fans can contribute to the realization of Abisah's vision and help broaden the horizons of music enthusiasts worldwide.

During his announcement, Abisah expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the individuals who played an instrumental role in bringing this project to life. He acknowledged the unwavering support of his team and extended his appreciation to his record producer, who also served as the sound engineer for "Afrosounds." This collaborative effort and the dedication of those involved have laid the foundation for a project that Abisah hopes will be immensely successful.

With "Afrosounds," Abisah boldly steps onto the international stage, armed with a passion for showcasing the hidden gems of African music. Through his talent and determination, he aspires to bridge the gap between the global music industry and the undiscovered sounds of the continent. By embracing this album and joining Abisah on this musical journey, fans have the opportunity to experience a cultural exchange of rhythms, melodies, and emotions that will captivate their hearts and minds.

As Abisah's "Afrosounds" album takes flight, music enthusiasts from around the world are urged to lend their support, spread the word, and embark on a musical voyage that promises to unveil the richness of African rhythms. With each note and beat, Abisah's creation invites listeners to explore the vast diversity of music that Africa has to offer. May this project serve as a catalyst for further exploration and appreciation of the continent's musical heritage.



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