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When Love Dies: Cure For A Broken Heart

By Delroy Arnett
Action Steps To Fix My RelationshipAction Steps To Fix My Relationship

It has been aptly said that love is a many splendored thing. Indeed, when a person is in love they feel alive, young, energetic, etc.

However, when a relationship fails or there is a loss of a loved one there is associated pain. Often, this pain is referred to as a broken heart.

It is called a broken heart because the heart is often associated with love. Therefore, if a person loses a love, the heart experiences pain and therefore it is called a broken heart.

Subsequently, it is important to know what cures for a broken heart are. Specifically, those cures can be time, counseling or finding a new love.

The best healer for any type of emotional pain is time. That is because any relationship that an individual is involved with is something that is real and therefore engages the heart and emotions. Subsequently, because the heart is involved in caring and loving there are feelings that cannot be easily turned on and off.

Therefore, the cure for a broken heart is time. Additionally, the time that it takes to cure a broken heart can not be measured in minutes or days. Often, it may take months or years for this cure for a broken heart to provide its medicated relief.

Another proven method of providing a cure for a broken heart is to seek counseling. Counseling is an interaction between two individuals. Usually one of the individuals is a person who is suffering from being emotionally distraught and the other person is a professional who helps individuals to treat these emotional pains by encouraging them to share rather than allow the emotions and pain that is being experienced to remain bottled up.

Often, a good counselor will bring a powerful balance of education and experience to help their client through this process. Normally a counseling session allows for the client to share their feelings in an open and safe environment without fear of being judged or ridiculed. This process is critical as part of a cure for a broken heart.

Finding A New Love
One other powerful cure for a broken heart is to get back on the horse. This simply means that if an individual has lost a relationship, it is important to get back into the mainstream of social interaction.

This does not mean that the individual should go out looking for another person to fill the emotional void. This cure for a broken heart simply means that one should not be shy or reticent about dating. In fact, as quickly as possible, the individual can enhance the cure by getting back into the mainstream of life.

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