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23.02.2012 Elections

Election 2012 is Codified “Azonto Election” By JOY2012 as he endorses Dr. Abu Sakara

By Jacob Osei Yeboah
Election 2012 is Codified “Azonto Election” By JOY2012 as he endorses Dr. Abu Sakara
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The General Secretary of the CPP, Elders of the PNC and the CPP, the introduction by the M.C. of Jacob osei Yeboah (JOY2012) as an Independent Presidential Aspirant for the upcoming Ghana's general election in December 2012, whose presence at this morning's ceremony is to endorse a fellow Presidential Contestant will be seen as incorrect with the political lenses of classical politicians. However, my endorsement this morning signifies the new way forward for the emerging Ghana that we all yearn and desire to seeing maturity in our electioneering competitive discourses.

I am with you this morning not to endorse Dr. Abu Sakara but I am here to announce him to Ghanaians that when it comes to leadership qualities that all the political parties have elected for Ghanaians he is the best so far. Why am I saying this? For it takes wisdom to build Ghana , an understanding to re-establish Ghana and knowledge to fill all the regions with the wealth that we all yearn for and Dr. Abu Sakara is an embodiment of these three characteristics.

When Dr. Sakara was delivering his speech with content full of knowledge, I was watching his body language. One will have no doubt that here is a man who is not in to deceive Ghanaians when he finally receives the nod from the CPP and his integrity is in no doubt. What it means is that, CPP is in the process of ensuring that, the person who is elected can actually become the leader of our nation without daily damage control of character and leadership qualities that Ghana deserves dearly but has eluded her.

In August 2011, when I addressed the CPP congress, I intimated that out of a womb of a woman that you need to re-establish a new foundation for the CPP. Indeed, the CPP is in the process of rejuvenating the party and your presidential aspirants are among the young in the political parties.

The CPP should not see the exit of Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom as negative but a test for Ghanaians to witness how mature you can handle crisis. Indeed, the CPP and Dr, Ndoum have handled your crisis in a more civil and mature way more than 500% of how the NDC handled Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings (FONKAR) and how the NPP handled Alan Kyeremanteng. These two personalities we only contesting and not breaking away like the complementary path taken by Dr Ndoum. You must therefore ensure that, no person in the CPP will derail from the matured way that you've handled this crisis as a new way forward ahead of the CPP. Indeed continue to open up for the PNC , GCPP etc so as to form a formidable party to contest power from the NPP and NDC, for it is out of such gestures that we can have Azonto election in 2012, which the old in perception will not know how to dance Azonto for victory for all Ghanaians. The CPP will lead Ghana during 2012 Azonto election, for it was Dr. Kwame Nkrumah who first danced Azonto during the Independence Day on 6 March 1957.

The leadership style exhibited by Dr. Abu Sakara through his speech is the Poet and Gardner leadership style which brings JOY to the electorates and hope for the younger generation. When he mentioned about job creation, he also underscored how he will do it and it was not a sheer rhetoric or insults. This is the kind of leadership Ghanaians are yearning for and not INSULTS and Counter-INSULTS.

To end, compatriots, when the NPP came to power from 2000-2008, it committed MINUSCULE crime and when the NDC took power in 2008, it has enlarged the crime to GARGANTUAN. If Ghanaians make mistake to bring back the NPP or NDC, they will extremely enlarge crime to GINORMOUS. We will and should not allow this to happen for neither the NPP nor the NDC to form the next government in 2013 and we must all therefore, endorse Dr. Abu Sakara. Thank you.

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