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Poems & Poetry

Freedom Is Sacred 0
Pseudo Prophets And Pentecostal Charlatans 0
The Corridors Of Power 0
The War Of Words 0
The Bewitched Continent 0
Makandioneiko Nhai Mwari? (what Did You See In Me, Ohh God?) 0
Gossip City 0
Because I Am Writer 1
Nyika Ine Vanhu Vakawanda (a Country With Most People) 0
The Elusive Reality 0
They Are Long Gone, But I Just Keep Wondering 0
To Base Love On That Alone, Wisdom Said No 0
My Beautiful Weakness 0
When Hope Itself Is About To Surrender 0
Last Days 0
Motivation And Inspiration Only Works Ceteris Paribus 0
You Are A Survivor, I Salute You 0
The Gods Of Politics 0
The Evil Liberator 0
The Evil Kins 0
The Ambassadors Of Lucifer 0
My Freedom Day 0
Munyika Muno Mese Makaroyiwa (in This Country, You Are All Bewitched) 0
Motivation And Inspiration Only Works Ceteris Paribus 0
Hope Deferred, Strength Drained 0
Hama Dzine Moyo Yakaipa Kudai (evil Kins) 0
Good Parents May Be Rare But They Are There! 0
General Emeritus, The Ambassador Of Literature 0
Church Revolution 0
Bako Rine Nyoka (snake Cave) 0
Motivation And Inspiration Only Works Ceteris Paribus 0
My Empress Under The Sun 0
Poem Against Child Abuse: “you Can’t Be Rich Without Money Rituals” 0
Who Are You 5
At Least 0
Feels So Wrong 0
We Shall All Have A Taste Of It 0
Awake South Africa Awake 0
The Heartless African 1
Yes They Can 0
Nature Has Spoken In Parables 0
Let Me Go 0
Do They Have A Voice? 0
Koo Kumi Releases Visuals For Muhammad Ali Inspired Spoken Word 0
Relationship 0
The Tale Of The Unrecognized Hero With The Microphone! 0
The Holy Robber ! 0
Ghanaian Poet Gabriel Awuah Mainoo Eulogizes Professor Atukwei Okai 0
World Peace, When? 0
The Play 0