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13.06.2005 CPP News

Confusion rocks C/R CPP

Confusion rocks C/R CPP

... Regional Chair accused of pocketing party cash ... National Chairman urged to intervene Cape Coast, June 13 -- THE CONVENTION People's Party (CPP) National Chairman, Dr Edmond Delle, has been advised to quickly move in to break the impasse between some executive members of the party in the Central Region and the regional chairperson, Araba Bentsi Enchill, to avert deepening the woes of the party. The advice came from Mr. Aiden Adongo, Cape Coast CPP constituency secretary, when he spoke on the issue with The Chronicle in an interview at the weekend.

According to him, if the party's hierarchy was serious about reorganizing the once vibrant political party on the African continent, then the national executives should not sit aloof for things to get worse before they act.

Araba Bentsi Enchill has been accused by some regional executive members of pocketing money meant for party activities, leading to poor performance of the party in the last elections.

Adongo said the attitude of the regional executives who appended their signatures to the press statement issued a few weeks ago declaring the sacking of Bentsi Enchill as regional chairman was uncalled for, even though he admitted Enchill herself did not do much work in the region during last December elections.

“Those who issued that press statement should have waited till we go to delegate conference whereby if they do not like her as regional chairperson they can register their protest. But what they have done is not in the interest of the party at all,” Adongo said.

He said, although he did not hold brief for any of them, the attitude of the executives did not consolidate the philosophy of Dr Kwame Nkrumah's socialism, pointing to the fact that some of those executives openly campaigned in favour of the ruling NPP party during last elections.

According to Adongo, the party has a chance of filling the gap that NDC and NPP had left, by not living up to the aspirations of Ghanaians and that it is responsibility of the national chairman to ensure sanity prevails so as not to jolt the unity talks that is going on between CPP and PNC.