Modern Ghana Photo Reports

Modern Ghana Photo Reports


Enoch | 1/4/2023 8:05:10 PM

The Speaker of the house should not speak for the whole country that the anti-LGBT bill will be passes before the next election.

Although the members of Parliament are elected to represent the people, no party has put this through its manifesto as part of its agenda for the country.

Before this bill is passed, it should be put to the country as whole in a referendum as if passed will affect every adult for generations to come. The MPs have no automatic mandate to speak on people's moral issues without consultation appeal to the MPs to abort this LGBT agenda in this country as not everything introduce by "whites" are for the benefit of all people.

Go to the churches in Europe and America and the white man who claims to introduce Christianity to the black man goes to church nowadays.

Wake up and remember not to follow all ideologies of the white person without thought and its application on all the inhabitants of the world.

Look at the agenda of those promoting the ideology.


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