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GIDEON HAMMOND | 6/13/2011 10:36:56 AM

Just a little more of a goodwill,little more of human kindness could change this world for the better,so can it happen in our small tribe.
I can never sit to fathom why this should be happening to a mighty state like the Ga state.Who can confidently tell me that in his/her tribe politicians are the king makers except that those in there do not know their fight. I'm highly dismayed at the doings of our Ga chiefs,so for all this while,you were playing politics with our kingship issues?
In barely 5years three gentlemen has surfaced as the king of the Ga state.I'm made to believe that these supposed kings have political affiliations,king Tackie Tawiah III is said to have been imposed by the erstwhile kuffour administration.I believe this is a recipe for mediocrity on the part of my people.
In a situation where the stool or throne is not vacant there is a law under the chieftancy act section 40,it gives a provision where you can use that provision to destool the chief in there,and here, we are talking about rule of law.
looking at the size of the Ga youth nothing remarkable have been done toimprove these lives ,but somebody rises and want to enstool a new king,even issues confronting the Ga land,they cannot handle them and they call themselve overlords,kings and chiefs.WHAT A SHAME !!!!!!
All Ga's need to revise their notes and all hands must be on deck because what is happening is shameful.whether king or no king Ga's are surviving.
long live the Ga state
long live Ghana!!!!!!!!!!!!


STOP ACTING IGNORANT | 2/13/2012 1:58:34 PM

The Student Representative Council of Central University College attention has been drawn to a publication dated 10TH Feb. 2012, with the caption “CENTRAL OFFICIALS SHOULD COMPENSATE STUDENTS” by NUGS suggesting that compensation should be given to student who have been affected following National Accreditations Board directive to central university college. In another report dated 4th Feb. 2012, anonymously stated that NUGS have meet with some executive members of the SRC and have agreed to seek for compensation for these affected students.
We wish to state that the report is inaccurate, riddled with several inaccuracies, and does not represent the position of the SRC.
It is at this point, very important to let the politically infused student front to know they are acting ignorantly and they must amend their ways. In as much as we try to be a voice to the voiceless, we must tread cautiously to give all parties involve a level playing ground.
We want to assure the general public especially the affected students that comprehensive, logical agreements have been endorsed with management and we will make the student interest paramount.
TEL: 0544010607.

GIDEON HAMMNOD | 9/5/2012 3:40:05 PM

In many years past National Union of Ghana student was a name that will send shivers down the spine of many because it represented the aim and purpose of which it was formed.”Aluta Continua…Victoria Ascerta” 'the struggle continuous…victory is assured, woooow what a “battle winning” slogan but on the contrary, there is no more struggle, no more victory and no one cares about the plight of students in Ghana anymore. Student activism has now become Student politics, one side of the divide thinks being a student activist he or she needs to be a student politician. Even so at meetings they stand to speak as politicians. The responsibility of who a student activist is, has taken a new shape ever since politicians (political parties) began interfering into students activities. This is what I call “The Lost Diadem”.
Abraham Lincoln in his speech on political interference said and I quote “In all that people can individually do as well for themselves, government ought not to interfere.” National unions of Ghana student has lost a diadem and for this reason has lost its integrity even in the sight of that smallest child in the crèche.
Optimistically speaking the union has a future, the future is in our hands, our actions and in actions will determine whether what all and sundry is crying for can be achieved. We have been our own enemies, we've tailored our own downfall and this generation does not have any reason to disappoint the unborn generation because if we do posterity will not forgive us.
Are we still having the unity congress? “Thanks be to God” I have a suggestion and its simple, if this is what we are doing then I think a communiqué must be signed by both parties involved stating our position as a union against what I call “ENTRYISM”
The modus operandi of the union must change, going berserk demonstrating and lashing hard on a political party must change, releasing a press statement on an issue involving the government must be done giving all a level playing field, objectivity must be a watch word in handling issues that affects the Ghanaian student at large. More student leaders are realizing the importance of not acting as a political tool to serve political parties, and that change must come from within.
NOW IS THE TIME to restore the lost diadem, NOW IS THE TIME to have our freedom as a union, and NOW IS THE TIME to free ourselves from entryism. All hands must be on deck, shoulders under the wheel, foots firmly grounded, complaining tongues must be discarded. After all has been said and done, then we can see a union of integrity and credibility.
Don't get discouraged, there is light at the end of the tunnel. VOTE GIDEON HAMMOND AS PRESS AND INFROMATION SECRETARY.

GIDEON HAMMOND | 12/3/2012 12:48:33 PM

We believe all people share a moral responsibility to create peace. Mindful of both our rich heritage and our past stringent efforts to prevent war, and enriched by our present diversity of experience and perspective, we commit ourselves to a radically inclusive and transformative approach to peace.
Our commitment to creating peace calls us to the work of peace building, peacemaking, and peacekeeping
The National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS), advocate a culture of peace through a transformation of public policies, religious consciousness, and individual lifestyles
In a matter of some few days, the brisk and thriving trade in verbal abuse, the attacks and counter-attacks, the accusations and counter-accusations will definitely be over.
The National union of Ghana students wishes to admonish all students and all peace loving Ghanaians to eschew politician that comes with divisive languages
We all agree that our initial response to conflict should be the use of nonviolent methods. Yet, we bear witness to the right of individuals to defend them, and acknowledge our responsibility to be in solidarity with others in countering aggression. Many of us believe force is sometimes necessary as a last resort, while others of us believe in the consistent practice of nonviolence.
The National Union of Ghana Students by this Statement of Conscience on Peace, challenges, students, individual, as well as the various Political Parties, to engage with more depth, persistence, and creativity in the complex task of creating peace.
Aluta continua,Victoria ascerta
Gideon Hammond (Press and Info Sec) tel. 0544010607
John Armah (President) Tel. 0276361381

GIDEON HAMMOND | 12/11/2012 11:37:30 AM

Congratulatory Message to H.E John Dramani Mahama on Election Victory-NUGS

The Executive of the National Union of Ghana Students extends to your Excellency our warmest congratulations on your election as the President of the Republic of Ghana. Your resounding victory in the presidential elections demonstrates the confidence which the people of Ghana have reposed in your foresighted and able leadership.

There is the need for all students and all the social forces of Ghana to come together in unequivocal resolve to always take this country forward, and never a step backwards, in consolidating the gains of democratic and good governance that will take our great and resourceful country to even greater heights of achievement.

NUGS will stand by your Excellency in all endeavours.

NUGS looks forward to working closely with you to strengthen our relationship further and to address together the many common challenges that faces the Ghanaian student.

Once again, we congratulate your Excellency and look forward to continue working closely with you in our common cause of Ghana's progress and contribution to quality education.

Accept, Your Excellency, the assurance of my highest regard.

Long live Ghana

Long live the choice of the people.

Long live your Presidency.

Long live NUGS.

Gideon Hammond



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