18.03.2020 Article

The Zongo Development Authority And The Npp Promises To Zongo People Is A Reality

By Nana Boateng, NPP Germany Branch Communications Director
The Zongo Development Authority And The Npp Promises To Zongo People Is A Reality
LISTEN MAR 18, 2020

The hardworking Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and his vice Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia has delivered many promises made to the Ghanaian people upon arrival at the seat of government, a true indication of the change we sought after in 2016.

One of the promises which really enthused people was the president's willingness to commit to the development of the people in Zongo communities across the Country. The president in a bold step appointed a Zongo Minister for Novel Zongo Ministry which was created solely for the purpose of elevating the people of Zongo from notable extreme poor situations and making their living a better one.

Currently, many Zongo's can boast of new infrastructure such as road networks, astroturf soccer pitches, schools among others. Indeed the Zongo Communities are benefitting from the fruit of good and purposeful governance.

The greatness of this news is that the Zongo Ministry and the Zongo Development Initiatives did not only rest in infrastructure. It has also opened its wings to human development and education support systems.

Not long ago, many Islamic schools, ie. Makaranta were absorbed under the government's school system and many teachers were employed and absorbed on the government payroll. This is an initiative the Zongo Community had been wishing for but never had until Nana Addo's regime.

The recent story captured by explains how 40 SHS leavers, all from Zongo Communities were sponsored by government to attain further medical studies in Cuba. These were persons whose education otherwise would have truncated due to their guardians inability to support their furtherance.

Find story here:

All these revelations and testimonies being sounded on the airwaves and everywhere in Ghana elicits Nana's commitment to the things promised.

Ghana will be greatly affected if such an administration is not handed a second term of office and even more. FOUR MORE years for Nana Addo is not just a regime, it is a national commitment to growth and betterment of the lives of many.

Nana Boateng
NPP Germany Branch Communications Director.

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