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02.01.2020 Regional News

BA Proforum Wishes Ghanaians A Happy New Year!

By Peter Suaka
BA Proforum Wishes Ghanaians A Happy New Year!
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The significance of the year 2020 cannot be overemphasized to the umbrella family. The NDC has demonstrated enough resilience over the years to overcome barriers in pursuit of what is ultimate for every political party - the political power. We have done it before and we shall do it this year, Isshah Allah!!!

His Excellency John Dramani Mahama is a history maker and the NDC is the vehicle through which the accomplishment of this history will be consummated.

I deliberately checked out the numerological interpretation of the figure “20” and to my surprise, the figure “20” stands for infinity in potentiality especially with respect to groups’ projects and completion of the same. In the case of the NDC2020, it is not just “20” but a double of it, “2020”; you can imagine the exploits in the hands of the NDC this year.

There is a simple fact Ghanaians can generally admit even if it has not been unanimously communicated as we may wish to hear, that Nana Addo is completely unfit for presidency going forward. Ghanaians know this and will not have difficulty exercising their franchise against him and the NPP on the 7th of December this year.

Ghanaians have had enough of a sleeping president at crucial world-class occasions where critical decisions are taken about the direction of this country. Ghanaians have established the difference between perceived and real incompetence now. Ghanaians have established the difference between Bawumiah in opposition and Bawumaih in power. There is nothing mysterious about him anymore.

Ghanaians can feel the usefulness of Ridge Hospital, 37military Hospital, University of Ghana Medical Center, Kwame Nkrumah Interchange, the Kejetiah Market and all the regional hospitals and other real projects across the country. This is real impact of leadership. This is legacy and not virtual policies like the multimillion-dollar medical drones’ hoax.

The unnecessary traffic and trepidation created by this government in the Education sector will be immediately corrected by JM with massive infrastructure.

The Multimillion-dollar investment in National Cathedral, for example, will be immediately redirected to socially impactful projects such as the Free SHS and procurement of Hospital beds. Ghanaians will definitely not witness the unwarranted expenditure of over GHC400milion on the replacement of a voter’s register under JM.

As we start the New Year, let’s relish the challenge of transforming Ghana by replacing this hoax of a government with a sincere, genuine and more tolerant Ghanaian as president. This is the reason our constitution provides a four-year electoral cycle. Try them, if they are unfit, change them.

Ghana is a developing country with very basic physical infrastructural deficits; the Social Democratic NDC party understands the problem diagnosis of this country better than this property-owning capitalist center right NPP. They have never been socialists and when they try to be one, they are exposed by the dramatic dissonance in the implementation of their socially inclined policies.

JM has been president and has been out of power with a second opportunity to be president, the only Ghanaian with such a singular opportunity at this moment. Just like every hero, JM has learned his lessons and has corrected his mistakes and shall not repeat them in his second term.

The BA PROFORUM stands for this and shall be part of this remarkable history come January 7, 2021, when he is sworn in. Let’s work for this and let this remain our singular target for the year 2020.

On behalf of the Brong Ahafo Regional President of the Professionals Forum for the NDC and His Excellency the Former Ambassador Dr. Sam Pee Yalley, the National President of the Forum, I wish all comrades and all Ghanaians a productive new year!!


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