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28.11.2019 Opinion

Otumfour Shows A Rare Unifying Quality Lacking In Most Ghanaian Leaders

By GK Berko
Otumfour Shows A Rare Unifying Quality Lacking In Most Ghanaian Leaders
NOV 28, 2019 OPINION

As ordinary as it seems for the Asantehene to visit with a former President, many Ghanaians might have glossed over the recent visiting tours of the current occupier of the Golden Stool, Nana Osei Tutu II, to all the living former Heads of State of Ghana.

In fact, I was among the many alluded to above from the beginning. But when the King of Asante reached the former President John Mahama’s residence, it suddenly dawned on me that what the King has just done was not an ordinary platitudinous act of socialization among the most prominent of our Citizens. \

A little more pensive assessment of the event opened up an awareness of a flood of concrete evidence of the invaluable unique characteristic of this contemporary King. I immediately sensed a certain unique unifying quality about the Asantehene that makes me rank him at the very top of the eligibility list for a Head of State, had it not been for his natural responsibility to occupy the Golden Stool.

In spite of all his alleged faults cited by his critics, Otumfuor Osei Tutu II has proven beyond all doubts that he could have been the best President for the whole country in the current generation, and this visiting tour just happens to be a further confirmation and an extension of that exceptional gift of the King’s.

Moreover, the timing of this tour couldn’t have been better. I don’t know if it was deliberately planned to have it so scheduled to fit into the current state of the Nation’s Unity, where some disgruntled and desperate Citizens have begun a concerted effort to secede from the country.

Nevertheless, whether by design or sheer coincidence, such display of conviviality and cordiality between the Asantehene and each of the former Presidents elevates the Nation’s need for, and the appreciation of, Unity among her Citizens of all ethnic and tribal backgrounds.

The Otumfuor has exhibited, from all the flood of evidence that rushed into my mind, a knack for surmounting any conflict or personal misunderstanding between him or Manhyia and other prominent entities, and between other feuding groups.

Examples of the practical display of this priceless leadership quality in the King could be found in how he restored cordiality between him, or the Asante Kingdom, and Techimanhene, after the violent chaos that ensued from the Tuobodom and Techiman palaver in recent past, between him and the Okyehene, between him and J. J., between him and John Mahama,and most importantly, between the warring factions of the Dagbon Royalty.

Ghana is blessed to have a leader like that still living and active, even if constrained by the responsibility to his Stool. He may not be perfect in helping mete Justice in settling some Traditional chieftaincy conflicts. But his efforts at seeking lasting Peace have always been genuine and sincere, guided by available or know facts. He has not been swayed by the corrupt attempts to influence his judgment by some stakeholders in Chieftaincy disputes.

Otumfour is the first top Traditional leader and Asantehene in modern Ghana to have publicly denounced tribalism and chastised some of his own Tribesmen/women for their misguided display of tribal animosity. He has amplified the eminence of the throne he occupies without portraying any arrogance of superiority, or flagrant display of royal majesty.

He is the first Asantehene in my lifetime, (and I have been around for a while to know three Asantehenes, and cruising down the other side of life’s hill), to have excluded even the semblance of expansionism or revival of advocacy to recover by coercion the greater old reaches of the Asante Kingdom, something that always raised tensions among Asantes and some groups that have long enjoyed autonomy from the Kingdom, at least, since Independence.

Such is the type of leaders Ghana needs most badly in these uncertain times. I bet my bottom Cedi that had he been the Head of State of the Nation, we would not be seeing any of these Western Togoland secessionist agitations now going on. All minority groups need a National leader who they can trust and believe in to serve them fairly and treat them with respect, just as he or she does to his/her own tribal group or secular Region. And, the Otumfuor has proven to have that attribute. He has also lived above the destructive Partisan fray between the NPP and NDC, in particular.

May the good Lord keep guiding him to share his wisdom with fellow leaders of the Nation, both traditional and secular, to help accelerate the development of the Nation and eradication of poverty from among all Ghanaians. May God grant him longevity with excellent Health. He should continue to be an inspiration for unity and patriotism to all Ghanaians.

Long Live the Otumfuor!!
Long Live Ghana!!!

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