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27.11.2019 Press Statement

Stop using state power to intimidate our members-S/R NDC to regional minister

By Abraham Ananpansah
Stop using state power to intimidate our members-S/R NDC to regional minister

The National Democratic Congress in the newly created Savannah Region has admonished the Savannah Regional Minister,Mr.Salifu Adam Braimah to desist from using state power and security to intimate residents of the region, particularly its members.

In a strongly worded statement copied to PAD FM's Ananpansah B Abraham,the Regional Communications Director of the party,Mr.Malik Basintale,alleged that,the Salaga South Constituency Communications Officer of the NDC,Abu Omega was among the list of persons arrested yesternight in connection with the burning down of an NPP office in Salaga South Constituency.

Among other things,he wondered why the suspects who were arrested in Savannah Region are being held hostage in the Northern Region "for so called close door investigations".

He disclosed that the legal team of the NDC was currently stepping into the matter and cautioned the minister to stop using state power to intimidate its members.

Read full statement below:

We have just been reliably informed that some persons were arrested last night around 2-am in the salaga south constituency.

Their arrest we are told has to do with the burning down of the NPP office in the salaga south constituency some months ago when they were deceived of attaining regional capital status by same NPP leadership.

We have been informed that our vibrant and humble constituency Communication officer Mr. Abu Omega has been picked up too by same operation.

Among the wonders are, Why will people be arrested for a crime in the Savannah region and quickly transported into the Northern region for "so-called" close door investigations.

You were not arrested for taking away our savannah RCC hilux pickup but instead cause the arrest of people who rebelled because they claimed you had deceived them?

Whiles our legal team steps into the matter, we send a strong caution to the S/R regional minister Adam Salifu Braimah to desist from using state power and security in intimidating indigenes of the Savannah region as we count on the police service to act professional in this matter.

Malik Basintale
S/R Communication Officer
National Democratic Congress.
Source:Ananpansah B Abraham