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24.11.2019 International

An Insight Into The US American Treasury In 1960

An Insight Into The US American Treasury In 1960

It's a hard job these two men did in 1960. And a mysterious one. Because their workplace is Fort Knox in Kentucky, one of the safest places in the USA.

Since the 1930s, when US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt gave the US government a real treasure of gold, by prohibiting the Americans from owning the precious metal privately. What they had in bars, nuggets or coins up to a certain value in this form was to be handed over in exchange for US dollars. Enormous quantities of gold came together, which in turn had to be stored safely.

The Fort Knox in Kentucky, already founded in the American Civil War, offered to be far away, but not too far, and easy to secure by the soldiers who were already on the ground. The construction of the depot began in 1935, and two years later the first gold mine is said to have arrived. As distant as the gold in Fort Knox was, it was always the object of wild conspiracies.

The US government stored it somewhere else, gambled it away or gave it away. Nothing was too absurd. In fact, there is probably much more of the precious metal stored elsewhere. And that was at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. There is also a lot of precious metal from Germany in USA.

Francis Tawiah (Duisburg - Germany)

Francis Tawiah
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