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04.10.2019 Poem

At Least

By Asmaila Rahinatu
At Least
LISTEN OCT 4, 2019

Curiosity cured your pain Broadened your landscape And never returned our escape Like gods you were welcomed Holy beings. Like taboos we never broke you While you were biologically and logically Altering our helix

With our brains on our hairs We wholelly offered you The pioneer seed of beans And you loaded out our beings Body and soul distorted

Today my skull is whole With a missing piece My brain is inside With a misplaced memory My eyes can see But can't visualize At least a home

Out there is my seeker Who is still a mistake of travel A not yet welcomed freshman A visitor till the end of time

I was the early bird Who caught the worm. And felt sorry for My young fella. And became and remained unique Keep been unique and not fade ODA was created out of pity So I can be your kitty

My traditions can no longer name me I can only be An Afrcan-american A mixed up helic structure Celebrate homecoming and feel sorry Hate me and melt my thoughts In my memoryless brain Soak my body with self-disgust

You Support me with funds tow fail And blame me for fail Showed me hell and headed heaven Created criminals from my blood Against my body fluids

So if I kinda hate you Don't think too much When I frequently lol you At least don't question me

I have lost all emotions of the sensible Please don't deprive me of hate Let me have it