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20.02.2006 Gossips

Esseku’s Exit -The Inside Story

By Heritage
Esseku’s Exit  -The Inside Story

Months after the intense political pressure that engulfed the former National chairman of the ruling NPP government, Mr Haruna Esseku, culminating in his eleventh hour pull out from the NPP chairmanship race, the emerging signals picked on the ground by the Heritage suggest that the former chairman was deliberately smoked out from the party by angry faithful.

Despite his current political hibernation the unending saga of the befuddled former national chairman continues to tickle the minds of party members even as he continues to enjoy what party followers have described as “political hibernation.” Insiders at the Kokomlele Headquarters of the Elephant party hinted newsmen that the misfortune that befell the embattled former national chairman was a very good omen for the workers at the headquarters who were very happy with the exit of the former chairman and are now working with all their heart and soul.

Briefing newsmen under condition of anonymity, an insider said it came to the notice of the national executive of the party that tongues were wagging over how some of the party's resources were handled culminating in the party's defeat at the Asawase bye-election.

The national executive therefore demanded from the then national chairman Harouna Esseku to immediately account for those resources which were vital to the said election but to no avail. The incident, according to the insider, infuriated the executive so much that they decided to have a second look at the way such resources were handled at the party headquarters.

What broke the camel's back was when President John Agyekum Kufuor and the vice visited the Kokomlemle office of the party last year prior to the congress where he made what became known in media parlance as the “Kokomlemle declaration,” where the workers gathered courage and told the President Kufuor in the face about their pickle and that they would not listen to him.

JAK according to insiders was shocked to the bone since he was aware that all incentives were being provided to make them happy and encourage them to work. There and then the whole Kokomlemle office was moved to the Christianborg Castle which is the seat of government where all resource were handled.