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11.07.2019 Rejoinder

Re: GES Full Of Fake Certificates; Lazy Teachers

...Upper West Region
By Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT)

GNAT Upper West has sighted a news item on platform emanating from one Mr Bombason, who in the issue is alleging that Teachers in the Upper West Region have fake certificates and are lazy. For the record I want to state emphatically that this is a misinformation and a total misrepresentation of the status of teachers in the region.

The Upper West region is noted for its sincerity and hence such misrepresentation can only be considered uncharacteristic and slap from behind. GNAT Upper west wishes to call on all concern to disregard this disdained spews of subversion and a frustration of the effort of the hardworking teachers in the Upper west region.

It should be noted that the said personality who is referred to as a former circuit supervisor is not adept with facts and lacks the locus to speculate such words of indignation on the reputation of teachers in the Upper west region. Taking cues from his release he stated that “the same Lady wasn’t reporting to school for three months and had no lesson notes yet her headteacher shielded her, this compelled him to block the salary of the head teacher for not performing his duties”. This is a clear indication that he was ineffective and did not supervise his assigned circuit regularly for such truancy to occur under his umbrella.

To respond to his call for an audit of teachers’ certificates is a total madness on his part. We all recall that, Public workers, thus teachers of the Upper West inclusive were audited somewhere in September 2018 by the Audit service. Is Mr Bambason saying that the exercise was in futility and hence could not identify his so call “Fake Certificates” that the teachers presented for authentication? Or what at all is he insinuating?

Mr Bambason should come clear and present his evidential proof to his claim otherwise he immediately apologizes to the respected and dignified teachers of the upper West region. His statement has no time bearing. This is a serious allegation that dents the entire image of the teaching profession in the Upper West Region and thus deserves his immediate refrain and apology.

Teachers acquire their professional certificates from various training institutions. Most teachers are trained from the teacher training colleges across the country, others acquire their certificates from Universities and Polytechnics. Mr Bamboson should be educated that the modern educational system runs flexible programs that suits individual preferences. The regular, sandwich and distance programs are all available choices. We can guarantee that theses teachers might have acquired their certificate without his knowledge. He does not have the capacity to identify fake certificates because he is not National Accreditation Board to determine the authenticity of people certificates. Mr Bambason must be called back by to come and clearly define his vague and unsubstantiated claim.


Kuule Ivon

Regional GNAT Chairman

Upper west region


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