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06.06.2019 Opinion

Eulogy To A Deserving Mentor, Mr. Daniel Atia, CEO Of Hardrock Africa Company.

By Saaka Abdul-Samed
Eulogy To A Deserving Mentor, Mr. Daniel Atia, CEO Of Hardrock Africa Company.
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It takes more than just being successful in business or any other endeavor to be a mentor. According to Bob Proctor, a mentor is “someone who sees more talent and ability within you than you see in yourself, and helps you to bring it out. Haven comes into contact with and worked for Mr. Daniel Atia of Hardrock Company, I realized what an excellent personality that he is.

Many people know him as a kind, humble and astute businessman. To me, he is much more than that. His greatest asset is his mentoring skills which inspires me as well as others to become better people. Mr. Dan, as I affectionately call him actually believes so much in me than I do with myself. He is capable of looking at you and determining that something is amiss.

He has always been there to show the way when I seem lost, neither has he ever failed to be that bearer of light in a long dark tunnel. On numerous occasions when I almost gave up in life because I thought the challenges that confronted me were insurmountable, the lone voice that spoke positively to me, gave me hope and raised me up from the doldrums was Mr. Dan.

Most people in Ghana will not go an extra step to mentor and inspire others who have no relationship of consanguinity, tribe or religion with them. Contrary, Mr. Dan does not care about one’s origin, tribe or religion. He gives equal opportunities and deals with people on their own merit. Such persons are rare in our society of today where people are always interested in what they’ll get from a relationship. That Mr. Dan is kindhearted and generous is known by all, so I won’t bother mentioning the countless occasions he has rescued me financially to breathe life into my dreams again.

We live in a generation where there is so much backstabbing. This write up is meant for a wonderful person who has managed to turn my life around although he is under no obligation to do so. It is meant for him as well as others with similar sterling attributes that of the good things they do to people, we do appreciate them. We might fall short of their standards but they should keep believing in us. Mr. Daniel Atia is my greatest mentor, the one person that has managed to know the way and show it to me without any cost or expectations.

As I write, I see my future being bright and my career path well cut out for me. Before fate brought my destiny closer and intertwined with Mr. Dniel Atia, I was confused and had given up in life. By the grace of Allah, I met Mr. Dan and my life has never been the same. May every one of us meet his Mr. Dan in life.

Let us celebrate our heroes while they live with us. I celebrate you, Mr. Daniel Atia, the competent and dynamic CEO of Hardrock Africa Company Limited. May Allah Almighty continue to bless you, your family and your businesses. May you continue to touch and impact lives positively as you have done to mine. God bless you, sir.

Author: Saaka Abdul-Samed
A proud mentee of Mr. Daniel Atia.

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