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Tamasco Students Performed Final Funeral Rites, Burial Service Of Core Maths

Tamasco Students Performed Final Funeral Rites, Burial Service Of Core Maths
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The Family Of Late Core Mathematics Held His Final Funeral Rites And Burial Service At His Residence Where In Attendance Several Students, Friends And Well-wishers Were Present To Honor Such A Great Soul After His Mysterious Death By Students Who Took Part In This Year's Wassce.

After Three Years Of Studies, Students Of Tamale Senior High School Signing Off On The Final Day Of Writing Core Maths, Performed The Final Wake Keeping And Burial Service Of The Deceased Core Maths.

Elaborating On The Dismiss Of Core Maths, The Student Wasn't So, Worried And Furious Over The Pass On Of Core Maths, But His Biggest Worries Was All About The Yet Upcoming E - Maths, The Senior Brother To Core Maths.

"Core Maths; Now That You Have Left Us, What Are We Going To Do?.

Ooh Our Yet Unborn Generation, What Are They Going To Do?.

Now That You Have Left Us, Are You Living Us With E-Maths?" He Cried.

Most Students In Ghana Do Not Have As Big Of A Passion For Maths, Because The Tend Not To Like Nor Even Understand It.

In Ghana, Every Subject Had Its Own Standards, Which Varied Widely In Their Expectations For Students. For Instance, Some Subjects Required Students To Just Memorize Some Explanations, But For That Of Mathematics Goes A Different Way.

The Paper However, Got The Attention Of Several Students Considering It As One Of The Most Difficult Subject To Think Of When Going Through Senior High School.

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Hassan Nankwe

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