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4 Secrets Every Man Must Know About Womanizing

4 Secrets Every Man Must Know About Womanizing
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Men ought to love women and women, men. It is just natural for a man to have a thing for another woman. Indeed, God made man for a woman just as like a jigsaw, He made the woman to fit into the life of a man.

As boys grow into young men and then into old men, one pledge they must make to themselves is to owe allegiance to one woman… as much as it may seem impossible. Even though it may seem one woman is not satisfactory enough, every man must know that staying away from the entanglement of womanizing is a great advantage. It will save them from hell on earth.

A lot of reasons of breakdown of family systems can be attributed to fathers who couldn’t zip their panties. Many men who were fathers in absentia are the reason fathers have a bad name today because they couldn’t resist any figure they could unleash their pleasure on.

A man may love many women (or many women may love him) but he should know that loving one woman is very possible and he owes that to his wife and children. Just as he may expect his woman to stay faithful to him and him alone, he must make a conscious effort to stay clear off other women when he walks down the aisle with one.

There’s nothing wrong with other women getting a man’s attention. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with women getting attracted to a man… even when he is married. The red line the man must dare not cross is ever getting intimate with them.

Everything rises and falls on self-control… and if a man doesn’t make this the foundation of his decisions, he will run into choices he never imagined making. When a man is led by his lust, he will not last. If he assumes that we live in a patriarchal world where it is usual for a man to cheat, he will end up with children he never budgeted for and problems he least envisaged. When a man stays faithful to one woman, it is for his own good!

Before a man makes his next move to perfect his craft in womanizing, he should remember that…

Womanizing always leaves you poorer!
The more women you chase, the more you chase away your destiny. The easiest way to snuff out a great future is to never be satisfied with one woman. If a spouse is an extremely hard thing for you to keep, wealth will be extremely impossible for you to keep as well.

Womanizing is the next door neighbor of poverty. Give a man all the money there may ever be. If all he knows is to spend on women, he will soon be reduced to abject nothingness!

When rich business men begin to spend on women, they end up with many children out of wedlock and several other unplanned marriages. At the end of the day, these women and children start to get in the way of their businesses and everything comes tumbling down.

Poverty comes with womanizing as a package. When you choose the latter, the former follows.

Men who don’t womanize don’t come from Mars!

No man must ever deceive themselves that every man cheats. If a man can’t control his lust, he should not assume that every other man can’t suppress theirs, too. There are many men out there who are utterly faithful to their wives… and they are not from Mars.

Cheating is a decision and many don’t make such a decision. Having multiple sexual partners is a choice one makes that others have consciously decided not to. It takes a lot of work to be faithful to a spouse and many people out there have made this choice.

Every young man out there should know that faithful men are not from another planet. They are not aliens. They have red blood running through their veins just like everybody. What separates them from others is the DECISION to stay faithful. They were not born with some powers to withhold their lust. So, if they could be faithful, you can be, too!

The bedrock of STDs
Womanizing seems all fun and then boom… you pick up a virus which is going to torment you as long as you have breath! Having many bedmates seems like one whole jolly adventure until you a bigger adventure walks in― when you have to live with HIV for the rest of your life!

Womanizing is a vicious cycle every man must avoid because whoever you are sleeping with is also sleeping with others who are also sleeping with a lot more others. The bigger picture is that you all form a web of sexual mates where each person is served with a package of sexually transmitted diseases from the same plate!

Unfortunately, the source of the disease is not traceable because every partner has another partner. In the long run, you directly or indirectly infect other innocent people in your life because of your wanton pleasure.

Chasing women is work!
Imagine all the lies you need to tell. Imagine all the stress you need to go through to avoid your other partners from not suspecting a thing. Imagine all the extra money you need to save to keep playing this game. Womanizing is work and work and work!!!

No one works harder than a man who has to satisfy many women. It becomes an addiction. He takes on extra jobs and steals at the least chance to keep feeding this addiction. The addiction soon becomes a responsibility. He pays school fees today and the next day, he’s paying hostel fees elsewhere. He lives all his life just getting women to warm his bed. What a career!

If keeping one woman is work, imagine keeping a dozen of them.

Kobina Ansah is a Ghanaian playwright and Chief Scribe of Scribe Communications ( ), an Accra-based writing firm. His new play, THE BOY CALLED A GIRL, shows on July 20th at National Theatre.