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08.05.2019 Press Statement

IRU Wade Into The Disqualification Of An Aspirant In The Oti Regional Vetting.

...The Oti NPP Must Rise Up To Defend The Party's Constitution Which Is Now Under Siege
By Intelligence And Research Unit (IRU)
IRU Wade Into The Disqualification Of An Aspirant In The Oti Regional Vetting.

It is not for nothing that all recognized organizations on this planet are governed by their respective constitutions. Human beings are by nature, UNPREDICTABLE and no country, organization or political party would want to risk its affairs or destiny to the vicissitudes of mankind, hence the need for some regulations of our very conduct at all times. This, we believe is what has given birth to the promulgation of constitutions to serve as a guide or reference material. A constitution is thus defined as a set of rules and fundamental principles or established precedents according to which an organization is governed. The constitution of any organization remains the supreme laws of that organization and has to be respected (both in letter and in spirit) at every given time. The NPP is surely a NO exception in the scheme of things and that is why the party is one of the most disciplined political party in the country.

It is in the light of this that we the Intelligence and Research Unit IRU greet the infamous purported disqualification of an aspirant in the Oti Regional Secretary position (William Kwasi Agyei aka Paa Willie ) with legendary shock and befuddlement because it makes absolute NONSENSE of the NPP Constitution, which is our only governing principle. When we first heard the so-called disqualification, we thought it was just to do further consultations on the aspirant, until the vetting committee sitting came to an end.

This got us worried and we think is about time we came out to uphold and defend the good name of our constitution for love of Party and country after we had made the necessary consultations and verification of the facts as evidenced.


The answer to this question is a palpable NO. The Guidelines and Modalities for the conduct of the party's forthcoming Extraordinary Regional delegates conferences were very explicit on the members of the Regional Election Committee, as stipulated in the rules, regulations or guidelines as follows.👇

4) There shall be constituted, the Regional Elections Committee (REC), which shall conduct the Regional Executives’ elections on May 18, 2019, at a Venue as the REC may determine.

5) The Regional Elections Committee (REC) shall be constituted as follows;

  • A National Representative, appointed by the National Steering Committee who shall be the Chairperson;
  • One (1) Regional Representative
  • One (1) Representative appointed from the Regional Council of Elders

6) The composition of the Regional Elections Committee for all the six newly created Regions is as follows:

Oti Region

  • Omari Wadie (Chairman)
  • Isaac Attah Anane (Member)
  • Abunyaa Magdalene (Member)

Rule 4 of the guidelines, categorically states that the Regional Election Committee REC to conduct the regional executives elections.

The rule 5 in the Guideline was again very explicit on the composition of the REC and there is no mention of the regional ministry. Rule 6 explicitly states the names of the REC which the name of the Deputy Regional minister wasn't part.

Non of the rules mentioned the presence of any representative at the Regional ministry on the Regional Election Committee REC nor the Vetting Committee.

And the multi-billion question begging for answers is, why was the deputy minister not present on the first day of vetting,29th April,?

Hmm your guess is as good as ours....


The logic behind this purported unconstitutional disqualification of a regional secretary aspirant Mr. William Kwasi Agyei aka Paa Willie as advanced by these "REC" members" would go in the history books as the most preposterous,

ignominious, pathetic and laughable logics of all times. So because his ID card has expired, a situation peculiar to other aspirants cleared to contest and almost all NPP members across the country.

And another reason was that he didn't serve the party at any level, another unconstitutional reason that isn't part of article 4 in the NPP constitution, that talks about disqualification. These reasons don't resonate with reasonable minds.

The Oti Region REC members are telling us these are the basis for disqualification of an aspirant?


This statement of ours is purely based on the unwavering love we have for the party rather than any other consideration. As Intelligence and Research group we must strive at all times to prevent injustice in the Oti Regional NPP.

INTELLIGENCE AND RESEARCH UNIT(IRU) Intelligence gathering, Research, Our Priority.

Thank you.


Hukash Muntari


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Director of Research and Intelligence