South Africa Xenophobic Attacks Must Stop

The recent xenophobic attacks on aliens and foreigners in South Africa need to be addressed, the rest of Africa has to show South Africa that she is still dependent on other African countries to boost her fast pacing economy
Feature Article South Africa Xenophobic Attacks Must Stop
MAR 28, 2019 LISTEN

With South African businesses being the largest African-owned businesses around the continent cannot easily survive economically without the rest of the continent purchasing and be importing their products.

We as humans depend on one another to survive, likewise, a nation’s dependency is on another through partnership and trade policy and collaborations to boost one another’s economy. South Africans knowingly lacked to exhibit the good leadership of one of Africa’s greatest heroes, Nelson Madiba Mandela, who inspired a lot of great people and nations around the world.

Asa Global Rights Activist, I believe this does not have to continue, and the rest of Africa must shun on this. The African Union as an organization must address this act of stupidity and discrimination. Africa cannot be fighting to grow her economy in order to minimize western dependency syndrome, a disease that is encouraging corruption, power-greed, dependency, and laziness, when, at the same time be discriminating against ourselves.

We have to ensure that this ignorant act of madness and animosity that continues to be carried out by South Africans toward their fellow African brothers and sisters be abolished and never be repeated

This barbaric and unnatural behavior which has the propensity to create conflict and destabilize peace and livelihood in the southern region; also has the possibility of segregating and creating a generational hatred and envious scar from victims of the incident.

I believe that this is another form of tribalism because they are discriminating and humiliating against their fellow African Kinsmen of different tribes, countries, and regions.

I also believe that this grudge and envy developed by South Africans toward their fellow African brothers and sisters also have the propensity to undermine and underpin the bilateral relationship that exists between the countries and people of Africa.

South Africans should know that without exporting their products to the rest of the continent, they would not have improved in their economic growth and development. They should not look down on their fellow Africans as an impediment to acquiring their jobs, growth, economic development, and livelihood, but rather the strength behind their economic power.

What makes the West powerful is the diversity of people and the help of immigrants that make up its countries. South Africans ensuring their diversity must understand not to humiliate and discriminate against their fellow Africans, regardless of tribe, color, region, and physical identities, but rather help build one another as one group of people.

In Conjugation with Eze Chimerem Nwauzo

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